Best tea and coffee shops in Colmar (my favorites!)

Updated on 2024-04-25

Looking for a good tea room or café in Colmar for a gourmet breakfast or snack? Good news, there's plenty to choose from! In this blog post, I give you my favourite addresses: these are the best tearooms in Colmar in my opinion!

LaurĂšne is the blog's creator. Originally from Brittany but now living in Alsace, she has fallen in love with her adopted region and loves exploring its every nook and cranny to unearth great ideas to share with you!

The map of my favorite tea rooms and cafés in Colmar

1. L’ArtĂ©mise, a (very) gourmet tearoom


L’ArtĂ©mise is a must in Colmar’s tea rooms, the place where you really want to have a snack! It must be said that the place has almost all the qualities: it is located just behind the quai de la Poissonnerie, in the district of Petite Venise, the place is very pretty, the terrace is pleasant, the pastries are home-made, original, greedy and generous… And as a bonus, you are very well received!

We have to admit that we can’t ask for much more, can we? Oh yes, the pastries are really Instagrammable, as they say 😉 But I reassure you, they are as good as they are pretty, we enjoy them and the large portions will please the gourmands of which I am part. A flawless performance!

Otherwise, I hear the brunch is a killer too… And l’ArtĂ©mise also offers a “tea time” formula with lots of goodies to enjoy, in the tradition of the English “afternoon tea”. I’ll have to come back and test them!

  • Original and very tasty pastries
  • Lovely place and nice terrace
  • Open on Sunday
  • Nothing!

2. Jadis et Gourmande and its incredible tarts


Jadis et Gourmande is a bistro in Colmar that also serves as a tea room in the afternoon. The atmosphere is very pleasant, with a wooden decoration and nice teddy bears. You feel good right away!

Their specialty? The pies, which are particularly successful and well known by the locals. I tasted an excellent rhubarb meringue pie, served very generously. It’s so good that I got through it easily!

To accompany it, Jadis et Gourmande proposes very good artisanal fruit juices. A very greedy snack in perspective…

  • The warm and woody atmosphere
  • The excellent pies served generously
  • Artisanal fruit juices
  • Nothing!

3. Mokka, modern café and toast bistro


Mokka is a nice cafĂ© where you can come for breakfast, lunch (good sandwiches are served at noon) or snack. It’s a nice place decorated in a modern bistro style, which is a bit different from what you can find elsewhere in Colmar, and I must say that it feels good too! I love the old, but finding a good touch of modernity is really nice in a city that is sometimes a little too sleepy for my taste, even if I love Colmar!

The reception of the couple owner of the place is very pleasant and we settle down with pleasure on one of the small tables of this coffee, inside or in terrace. On the menu at snack time, homemade pastries: pies, cakes, cookies… You can see them in the big window, which helps to choose… or not because everything is appetizing! 😉

  • Nice interior decoration and terrace
  • Home made pastries
  • Nice welcome
  • Nothing!

4. L’Essence du ThĂ©, a paradise for tea lovers


L’Essence du thĂ© is THE tea room in Colmar for tea lovers. Here we are in tea heaven: with more than 230 different varieties, there is something for everyone.

After choosing your tea from a huge menu, you have the pleasure of smelling it. Then comes the infusion, the duration of which varies according to the variety and is controlled with a small hourglass. Finally, the tasting: of course, it is excellent!

To accompany the tea and in case of small hunger, theEssence of Tea proposes each day a home-made cake. I tasted a soft matcha cake.

To prolong this good moment, it is possible to buy tea in the store, as well as beautiful teapots and other utensils.

  • The cosy atmosphere
  • The huge choice of teas
  • The homemade cake
  • Little space so quickly full, but actually this is also what makes the charm of the place!

5. L’Entre-Pot, tea amid flowers


L’Entre-Pot is an unusual tea room in Colmar because it is located…in a florist’s shop! If you want to enjoy a cup of tea in an original place, this is the place for you!

The welcome is warm, the decoration charming. On the menu, Damman FrĂšres teas, coffees, fruit juices and syrups. As a bonus, you can have a slice of pie (or breakfast in the morning, but I’ve never tried it). It’s quite simple but very good!

On sunny days, it is possible to have tea on the terrace. That won’t stop you from taking a tour of the pretty store, which is definitely worth a look! You can find flowers but also nice decorative objects… A real Ali-Baba cave, as the owner says!

  • The atmosphere of the place, in the middle of the flowers
  • Good pies
  • Warm welcome
  • Tea served by the cup, not by the teapot

6. L’Atelier de Yann, design and fine pastries


L’Atelier de Yann is a newcomer in Colmar. It is a pastry shop that also has a nice tea room.

For once, it is not a pastry shop that simply put a few tables in the middle of the store without any other decoration. The place is modern, with an impressive ceiling and a beautiful wooden floor. Stylish and elegant!

A beautiful place, perfect to sip a tea (the menu offers a wide choice) and taste one of the delicious pastries of L’Atelier de Yann. I also talk about it in my article about the best pastry shops in Colmar… Notice to amateurs!

  • Excellent fine and original pastries
  • Large selection of teas
  • Beautiful and very modern place
  • Pleasant service
  • Macaroons are not my favorite in Colmar

7. Virevol’thĂ© & Gourmandises – The charm of the past


Virevol’ThĂ©s & Gourmandises is a small restaurant and tea room located in a small street of Colmar perpendicular to the rue des Clefs, one of the shopping streets of Colmar. We are here a little away from the tourist agitation while being less than 5 minutes on foot from the Toy Museum.

This tea room is located in an old building, rather small but with a ground floor and a floor. The decoration is in a vintage style quite colorful: it has charm and we settle down with pleasure.

A la carte for the snack, homemade cakes that are a pleasant gourmet break, especially accompanied by one of the. numerous teas offered on the menu. You can also come and have breakfast and even lunch, with homemade dishes of the day as well.

  • Charm of the place
  • Large selection of teas
  • Homemade cakes
  • Nothing!

8. Ice creams, meringues and cakes at Isabelle’s SorbetiĂšre


La SorbetiĂšre d’Isabelle is a small tea room located in the heart of Colmar. It is specialized in ice creams and sorbets but also proposes some simple but very good pastries.

The ice creams are those of the Alba brand, a master ice cream maker from Alsace. Sure, it’s not a small artisanal ice cream shop, but they are really delicious! La SorbetiĂšre d’Isabelle offers ice cream cones or ice cream sundaes in a variety of flavors. It’s a bit of an ice cream lover’s paradise!

As for drinks, there is a large selection of teas, coffee and hot chocolate. Special gourmet formulas exist, where the drink is accompanied by a meringue, a scoop of ice cream or Alsatian bredele.

The place is small but the decoration is warm, we feel good! There is also a small terrace on the street. The welcome may seem a little cold at first but turns out to be friendly.

  • Huge selection of delicious ice creams (to eat in or take away)
  • The tea, coffee or chocolate gourmet formulas
  • Good pastries
  • Open on Sunday!
  • Nothing!

9. 1924 – A World of Coffees, for coffee lovers


1924 – Un monde de cafĂ©s is an Alsatian brand of coffee roasters with 7 stores in Alsace. The one in Colmar is located in the center, in the famous rue des TĂȘtes (near the Unterlinden Museum), and has a pleasant tea room on the second floor. Still in the heart of Colmar, you will also find a store with a small corner to settle in the covered market of Colmar. Two good places to take a break!

You will be able to taste a large choice of quality coffees from all over the world (of course, it is the specialty of the house!), but also many teas from Dammann FrĂšres as well as… bubble tea! This is rare enough to be underlined! You can also enjoy good pastries made by a local pastry chef. As a bonus, the reception is friendly. What a good time!

  • Large selection of very good coffees
  • Dammann Teas
  • Two addresses in the center of town
  • Nothing!

10. Flames, a community café


Are you looking for a no-fuss place with a friendly atmosphere, a little off the beaten track? Let’s meet at the Flames, a cafĂ©-bistro run by volunteers of the association of the same name and located on rue de la GrenouillĂšre, in the historical center of Colmar, while being away from the most famous corners of the city.

We settle down to have a coffee in a traditional bistro atmosphere: brocante atmosphere and red and white checkered tablecloths. And if you feel like talking, this is the right place: the idea is really to have a friendly and warm place where everyone can feel at ease. It is successful, we are well received! Cakes are also served, which makes for a nice break in this friendly place!

  • No-frills place
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Nothing!