Blue Christmas, the Christmas market of Guebwiller

Updated on 2024-04-23

The Christmas market of Guebwiller is called "Noël Bleu". Why this name? First of all, for the blue line of the Vosges, at the foot of which the city is located. Then, for the "Bleu de Deck", a turquoise blue created by the 19th century ceramist Theodore Deck, who was a native of Guebwiller.

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The Guebwiller Christmas market is therefore organized around this theme. During the Blue Christmas, the streets are lit up in blue and some of the city’s facades are illuminated. Moreover, Guebwiller has 3 Christmas markets:

  • an arts and crafts market
  • a market dedicated to local products
  • A traditional market, organized by the Lions Club

I visited the arts and crafts market and the market dedicated to local products, but not the traditional market which is closed on Fridays. The markets are small (a few cottages each) but you can find only local products.

Even if the Christmas market of Guebwiller is small and doesn’t have the magical side that some of the more famous Christmas markets like Colmar or Kaysersberg can have, it is pleasant and offers quality products. This is a good option for those who want to escape the big markets and find a very local atmosphere.

Not to be missed at the Guebwiller Christmas Market

  • Video mapping at the Dominicans of Haute-Alsace. A beautiful 12-minute show in the superb cloister of the Dominicans!
  • The lighting of the Town Hall and the Saint-LĂ©ger Church. These are the most successful, the others are a bit disappointing next to them in my opinion.
  • The exhibition at the ThĂ©odore Deck Museum. Ceramists from the European Institute of Ceramic Arts in Guebwiller exhibit and sell their work.

My good addresses in Guebwiller

The best mulled wine at the Guebwiller Christmas market

The best mulled wine in Guebwiller is, according to my information, at the chalet of the Amicale de la ville, on the market of local products. I tasted it, it is true that it is very good!

To enjoy good cupcakes

Not really traditional for a Christmas market, but Lya and Syl ‘s booth is a nice discovery. They are two women from Guebwiller who offer a catering service and workshops at home in Alsace. At the booth, they offer cheesecakes, cupcakes, brownies and other Christmas cookies. They have reconciled me with cupcakes: without buttercream, it is much better!

For a warm break

If you are in the mood for a sweet break in the warmth, go to the Dany Husser pastry shop. The setting is not very warm but the pastries are great!

  • Video mapping and lighting
  • Small, pleasant and friendly Christmas market
  • Less decorations than in other Alsatian cities: less fairy tale
  • Small market

My photos of the Blue Christmas in Guebwiller