Basel Christmas Market – One of the most beautiful in Switzerland!


The city of Basel (Basel) is located in Switzerland, on the border with Alsace, only 35km from Mulhouse. Spending a weekend in Alsace to visit the Christmas markets can also be the opportunity to go to our Swiss neighbors to discover the Rhine city and visit the Christmas market in Basel.

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One of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Switzerland

Basel has a special attraction at Christmas time as it has a very nice Christmas market(weinachtsmarkt), which is known to be one of the most beautiful in Switzerland. I’ve been there several times and always leave thinking that it is definitely one of my favorite markets. Basel during Advent is idyllic!

The rustic wooden chalets at the Basel Christmas market are all extremely well decorated: it is very pleasant to look up and admire their varied decorations.

For sale on the market stalls, we find globally pretty things respecting the Christmas theme (even if some chalets are a bit out of place, they are rare) and good Swiss specialties (tasty raclette, Swiss fondue, popular grilled sausages of various kinds…the Swiss are very fond of them!) Not to mention the traditional mulled wine and gingerbread, of course.

It is areal traditional Christmas market with a magical atmosphere, where you will find many ideas for gifts and delicacies to bring back!

Where does the Basel Christmas market take place?

The Basel Christmas market takes place in the old town at two locations:

  • On the BarfĂĽsserplatz, one of the main squares in the historic center. Many chalets with various themes are installed on this huge square.
  • On the MĂĽnsterplatz. This is the Basel Cathedral Square (Basler mĂĽnster). In addition to other market stalls, this is where the big Christmas tree and a small village dedicated to children are located.

In addition, there is the “Culinary Christmas Street” in the Kleinbasel , a neighborhood Christmas market in the Rheingasse. The atmosphere is really nice, local, and the gastronomic pleasures are there!

Not to be missed at the Basel-Stadt Christmas market

For children

  • The small village on MĂĽnsterplatz, where there is a small train and many craftsmen’s chalets offering entertainment for children.

For adults

  • When you are on MĂĽnsterplatz, I advise you to go behind the cathedral. There is a beautiful view of the Rhine and the city. With the Christmas lights, it’s even more beautiful than usual!
  • The pyramid on the BarfĂĽsserplatz: impossible to miss with its 13 meters high! We taste mulled wine there.
  • The “Culinary Christmas Street” in Rheingasse in Kleinbasel

For children and adults

  • The Weinachtstube, located behind the church at BarfĂĽsserplatz, has two reindeer heads that regularly come to life and start singing. It makes me laugh every time!
  • The Christmas tree on the MĂĽnsterplatz

My good addresses at the Basel Christmas Market

To eat a fondue sandwich

Meet at the Wirtschaft Zihlmann, located on the side of the church at BarfĂĽsserplatz. On the menu, a piece of grain bread hollowed out (like a hot dog) and filled with a nice ladle of Swiss fondue. It’s a real treat, I guarantee it!

To buy excellent Swiss chocolate

Visit the Läderach chocolate store at Marktplatz. It’s not on the Christmas market, but it will also allow you to admire the beautiful Basel City Hall at the same time. The chocolate is expensive (you are in Switzerland, don’t forget that!) but it is really excellent!

To buy Läckerli, a specialty of Basel

Basel Läckerlis (or leckerlis) are gingerbread-like cakes made with honey, candied fruit and almonds. To buy authentic Basel Läckerli, visit Läckerli Huus, which has several stores in downtown Basel.

To taste smoked salmon on site

A stand at MĂĽnsterplatz offers salmon smoked in front of you on a wood fire. I didn’t try it but it looked so good that I’m telling you about it! You will test it for me.

  • Superb decorations of the chalets of the Christmas market
  • Nice authentic Christmas market
  • Swiss specialties
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • A lot of people on weekends

My photos from the Basel Christmas market