Visit Ebersmunster Abbey – Baroque splendor in Alsace!


Did you know that there is probably one of the most beautiful churches in eastern France in the middle of the Alsace plain in the Bas-Rhin? I recommend a visit toEbersmunster Abbey, an incredible Baroque church! It's located in Ebersmunster, a small village in the Alsatian Ried not far from Sélestat .

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Origin of the abbey of Ebersmunster

Theabbey church of Saint-Maurice in Ebersmunster as we see it today dates from the beginning of the 18th century. It was built by an Austrian architect on the site of an old medieval abbey dedicated to Saint-Maurice, which was probably founded by Adalrich, Duke of Alsace and father of Saint-Odile. This old abbey was destroyed in a fire during the Thirty Years’ War. The abbey of Ebersmunster is the only realization in France of the baroque style of Vorarlberg (region of Austria).

Visit the Saint-Maurice Abbey in Ebersmunster

With its bulbous roofs and green glazed tiles, the Ebersmsunter Abbey can be seen from quite a distance. Already beautiful from the outside, it reveals all its splendor inside: a pure baroque masterpiece awaits you!

It is necessary to enter the building to admire this church of exceptional beauty and whose interior enjoys a magnificent clarity. Frescoes, stucco, gilding, magnificent painted decorations on the vault, statues… majestic decorations await the visitors.

One must not miss the splendid high altar topped with a huge crown, which is the work of Jean-Léonard Meyer of Sélestat. The abbey is very richly decorated and is beautiful from floor to ceiling.

Ebersmunster Abbey also has an impressive organ, considered a masterpiece by André Silbermann, a famous organ builder, which is listed as a historical monument. Concerts are regularly organized in the church, which can be an excellent opportunity to listen to the sound of this exceptional organ.

Restaurant in front of the church of Ebersmunster

Before or after your visit, I advise you to go and taste a matelote du Ried at the restaurant Aux deux clefs, located just in front of the Saint-Maurice abbey. It is an Alsatian speciality based on river fish that you can almost only eat here!

  • Impressive baroque decoration of the Saint-Maurice abbey
  • Small typical village of the ried
  • We can take the opportunity to eat a matelote!
  • There is nothing special in the village except the abbey (and the matelote!)