Alsatian "von Kopf bis Füess", Julien is Laurène's neighbor and friend. A globetrotter but uncompromising on the pronunciation and spelling of the word "Flàmmeküeche", he loves Alsace off the beaten tourist track.


    My recipe for Wàldmeister (sweet woodruff liqueur)
    By Julien

    If there’s a typically local, somewhat forgotten tradition that binds Alsatians and Mosellans together, it’s that of the Wàldmeister! Lucky you, I’m going to share my experience with you, because spring is just around the corner, and it’s almost time for the fragrant woodruff, the French name for Wàldmeister. Sweet woodruff In Latin it is […]

    Alsatian language – A short introduction to our dialect
    By Julien

    “Alsatian is a mixture of French and German” This statement, which you may have heard before, is totally…wrong ! Let me explain in this article. What is Alsatian? Alsatian is in fact a Germanic dialect in the same way as Bavarian, Saxon or Swiss German. In fact, these dialects are even older than the standard […]