Galtz walk – 360 degrees on Alsace!

Updated on 2024-04-24

In this article, I let my friend Noëlle, from the We Love Alsace team, speak about one of her favorite walks, well known by the Alsatians but a bit jealously kept... Yes, you're lucky she's delivering this great plan!

Laurène is the blog's creator. Originally from Brittany but now living in Alsace, she has fallen in love with her adopted region and loves exploring its every nook and cranny to unearth great ideas to share with you!

Here is an idea for an original and easy walk that will please both children and adults. Beware, you’ll get an eyeful! Head for the Galtz, a rocky spur accessible from the Trois-Epis, a somewhat unusual and very spiritual climatic resort, which rises to 731 meters. An impressive statue of Christ (visible from Colmar), protects the region and promises an exceptional view of the Vosges Massif and the Alsace plain!

Known by the Alsatians as the Sunday digestive stroll, people come here in all seasons. It is the ideal place to flirt with the clouds. Sometimes, in autumn or winter, the plain is plunged in a thick fog, while the summits enjoy a beautiful sun.

From here you will be able to enjoy a unique spectacle, and believe me, to see the sun rising above a sea of clouds is a moment of grace that you don’t live every day! I always want to dive in!

The departure is on the left side of the Roseraie, on the path called “Galtz“, which you have to follow until the dirt road for about 1km (blue triangle). On your left you can see the Garden of Well-Being. Pass in front of the kiosk and start the ascent by following the yellow discs (the most hurried or courageous can climb directly by taking the middle path, which climbs steeply and without detour). In less than 20 minutes you will be at the top! You are free to climb the statue to enjoy the view. Orientation tables allow you to find your way around and identify the surrounding villages and peaks. The return is done by the same way or by the left one which goes down more directly.

Once you have reached the bottom, you can take the way back to the Galtz. An alternative exists, go around the garden of well-being on the right to find the path marked with a blue circle, which will bring you back to Trois-Epis by the forest by lengthening the walk of approximately 15 minutes.

There is an excellent pastry shop at the finish line, enough to have a good snack if you didn’t take it at the top!

  • The calm and serenity of the place during the week
  • The incredible view
  • The sea of clouds
  • The orientation tables to find my way
  • The Sunday rush!

Photos of the Galtz walk