The Belvedere of Mulhouse, a superb viewpoint

Updated on 2024-04-24

It is often ignored, but
also has its Eiffel Tower! Well ok, this steel tower is a bit smaller (20m high against 300m) but it has the advantage of being already located on the heights of Mulhouse, at 333m of altitude... The belvedere of Mulhouse offers a superb view on the city and the surroundings (Alsace plain, Vosges and Black Forest, and even the Swiss Alps when the weather is clear!)

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The Belvedere of Mulhouse, located in the very chic Rebberg district, is a good idea for a stroll. You can get there on foot and at the same time take a tour of the district and its beautiful houses (be careful, it’s uphill: the Rebberg is located on a hill!) or by car if you are in a less courageous mood.

To continue the walk, I invite you to read the article on the unusual places to visit in Mulhouse or the one on the zoo of Mulhouse, located just next door.

  • Magnificent view of the city and the surroundings
  • Nothing!

My photos of the Belvedere in Mulhouse