The best bars in Mulhouse

Updated on 2024-04-23

Today, I invited my blogger friend Philippe Trzebiatowski, from the excellent travel blog Vatebalader, to talk to me about a subject he knows well: bars in Mulhouse! Philippe is from Mulhouse and likes to go out (a lot), so he was the perfect person to write this article! I let him speak...

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As I often say, Mulhouse is not New York. And yet, it is possible to spend a crazy evening without closing your eyes until the early morning. How do you do it? By reading this article which lists my favorite bars, just to start the evening in Mulhouse. What are my selection criteria? The number of good nights spent in each of the bars (this is subjective, I admit). Since I have been living in Mulhouse (I moved there when I was 3 years old), I have acquired some experience in this field.

How many times have I said to myself: tonight I’m not going out? Then I found myself on a dance-floor somewhere in Mulhouse very late at night. So, are we going out tonight? Here is a list of the 5 best bars in Mulhouse.

The Gambrinus : the mulhousian institution


Don’t look any further, you’re in the right place. The Gambrinus is the best bar in Mulhouse. Here you are sure to have a good time, even during the week.

It is the meeting place for all Mulhousians, of all ages and all backgrounds. A wide selection of beers is offered. It features the beers of our neighbors, the Belgians! Don’t forget to taste the beer of the Bollwerk, the local of the stage. And yes, the city of Mulhouse is also called the city of the Bollwerk (good to know to shine at the aperitif).

On Friday and Saturday, the bar is packed. A great opportunity to meet new people or run into old friends. A huge game room with pool table, foosball and darts is located at the back. For quieter evenings, board games are available. Impossible to get bored at Gambrinus!

  • All the good nights spent at the Gambrinus
  • The wild darts games
  • Belgian beers
  • I’d rather drink than eat there

L’Atelier : the electro bar of Mulhouse

Another place, another atmosphere. We come to the Atelier to drink cocktails and listen to the DJ who is at the turntables on Friday and Saturday. Something to warm up before going out until the end of the night!

The light is subdued and the narrowness of the bar facilitates meetings. For those who want to sip their drink in peace, a boudoir is located at the back of the establishment. But beware, the seats on the couch are prized. The best thing is to stand around the bar and let the music carry you along. Thirty-year-olds are the most frequent visitors to the workshop.

For those who are allergic to electro, you should know that on Thursday, it’s “80s night”.

  • Mojitos
  • Electro music
  • The world (impossible to move on busy nights)

La Quille : the unmissable wine bar in Mulhouse


La Quille is a paradise for wine lovers. More than 15 references are available by the glass. Follow the advice of the waiters. They love wine and they love to share their love. Don’t hesitate to ask them to visit the cellar of the wine bar. More than 500 references. Well-known wines and others that are more rare. Here, we highlight products that have a history and that come from small estates.

Once a month, a winemaker comes to present his wines and to let you taste them. All in a hushed atmosphere. The ideal place for a first date or to discover unknown but delicious wines.

  • The wine!
  • The visit of the cellar
  • The place fills up (also) fast

The Spart : the night bar of Mulhouse


Beer, glass of wine, mojito, the evening is in full swing. Unfortunately, the bars are closing one after the other. After one o’clock in the morning, you are quickly made to understand that you must finish your drink as soon as possible. The evening was just beginning… Snif! Fortunately, there is the Spart which opens its doors until 3 am.

If this bar has not always had a good reputation, this time is now over! One spends there very good (end) of evening. It is the meeting place for all those who still want to have fun without going to a nightclub in Mulhouse.

Here, we dance, we talk and we make new friends. The owners are very friendly and present their establishment with humor as a “hetero friendly” bar. You will have understood, here, one comes without prejudice and with his good mood.

  • The atmosphere
  • The possibility of having drinks after one o’clock in the morning
  • Don’t go there before 1am, there is no one there

The Mondrian, wine bar


This bar is added to this list by our editor Clémence.

The Mondrian is a very nice wine bar for two or between friends, which recently opened in Mulhouse. It owes its name to the house in which it is located, whose facade is painted in the manner of the works of Piet Mondrian, a famous Dutch artist. Inside, the decor is modern and industrial, with some large colorful paintings by a local artist or a custom-made Mondrian-style china cabinet.

The wine selection changes regularly and the team is very helpful. As for the kitchen, it offers for example a traditional platter of cold cuts and cheeses, a (delicious) beef tartar, beef tataki or toast. I tried the salmon gravlax one, a treat! And let’s not talk about his chocolate fudge…

  • Its downtown location
  • The sympathy and advice of the team
  • Dishes that don’t look bad next to the wine!
  • The decoration and the musical atmosphere (which, the evening I was there, made us go back to our adolescence 😉 )
  • I’ll have to work on it…