You plan to come and visit
to visit Alsace
? It’s a great idea! Alsace has three main cities: Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse. Here are the best ways to get to these cities.

By car or motorcycle

Here is an indicative table of travel times by car or motorcycle to come to Alsace from the most important cities in France.

Bordeaux9h15 8h30 8h15
Clermont-Ferrand 6h 5h30 5h
Lille 5h15 6h 6h30
Lyon4h45 4h3h45
Marseille 7h30 6h45 6h30
Nancy 2h2h 2h45
Nantes 8h 8h30 8h15
Paris 4h45 5h305h15
Reims 3h15 4h 4h45
Rennes 7h45 8h15 7h45


And from the big cities of the neighboring countries.

Brussels4h305h 5h45
Freiburg im Breisgau 1h15 1h 1h
Geneva4h 3h30 3h45
Innsbruck 5h 5h4h45
Luxembourg 2h15 3h3h30
Stuttgart 1h45 2h302h45
Zürich 2h30 1h451h30

By plane

Alsace has two international airports.

Euroairport (Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport)

The Euroairport is the Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg airport (Euroairport). It is located in the south of Alsace, on the border with Switzerland and Germany (department of Haut-Rhin).

In addition to many regular airlines, the Euroairport welcomes low cost airlines such as Easyjet, Vueling and Ryanair. A good way to come to Alsace easily and at low cost! Here you will find a list of cities with direct flights to the Euroairport.

Getting to and from the Euroairport

Public transport

A shuttle bus runs between the Euroairport and the Saint-Louis train station (2€50, 12 minutes). You can find the schedule here. From the station, there are direct trains to Mulhouse (about 6€, 15 minutes), Colmar (about 13€, 35 minutes) and Strasbourg (about 23€, 1h10). You can find the train schedules here.

There are also private shuttles linking the Euroairport to Strasbourg, which can be taken with several people or privatized: Strasbourg Navette (from 29€) and Alsace Navette Aéroport (from 38€).


You will find a list of cabs on the Euroairport website.

Car rental

Many car rental companies are present at the Basel-Mulhouse airport. Here you will find a list of rental companies.

Strasbourg-Entzheim Airport

Strasbourg Entzheim Airport is significantly smaller than Basel-Mulhouse. It is located in Strasbourg in the north of Alsace (Bas-Rhin department).

In addition to the regular airlines, Strasbourg airport welcomes low cost airlines such as Easyjet, Volotea and Ryanair. Another good solution to come to Alsace at a low cost! Here you can find the map of the cities connected to Strasbourg by direct flights.

Getting to and from Strasbourg Entzheim Airport

Public transport

The Entzheim Airport train station can be reached in 5 minutes on foot from the terminal. There is a shuttle bus that connects the airport to Strasbourg in about 10 minutes. You can find the schedule of this shuttle here. The cost is 2,60€ for the single trip and 4,20€ for the ticket including the train and the streetcar in Strasbourg.


Here are some numbers of cab companies in Strasbourg: Taxi Pro 67 03 88 200 800, Taxis 13 03 88 36 13 13, Taxi Strass 03 88 27 13 13

Car rental

Many car rental companies are present at Strasbourg airport. Here you will find a list of rental companies.

By train

To book a train ticket, go to the website of Voyages SNCF. Here is an indicative table of train travel times to Alsace from the main cities in France. The travel times indicated here correspond to the fastest route.

Bordeaux 6:36 am (live)7:22 am (1 change) 7:35 am (1 change)
Clermont-Ferrand 6:50 am (1 change) 6h22 (1 change)5:35 (1 change)
Lille 3h40 (1 change) 4h33 (1 change)4h50 (1 change)
Lyon3h16 (live) 3h15 (live)2h48 (live)
Marseille 5:34 am (live) 5:06 am (live)4h42 (live)
Nancy 1h24 (live) 2h06 (live)2h29 (live)
Nantes 5h42 (1 change) 6h21 (2 changes)6:01 am (1 change)
Paris2h17 (live) 2h55 (live)2h40 (live)
Paris – Charles de Gaulle Airport 2h27 (live) 3h14 (1 change)3h35 (1 change)
Reims 1h52 (direct from Champagne-Ardennes TGV station) 2h34 (1 change)2h55 (1 change)
Rennes 5h37 (1 change)6h11 (1 change) 5:59 (1 change)


And from the big cities of the neighboring countries.

Brussels4h05 (1 change) 5h10 (1 change)4h51 (1 change)
Freiburg im Breisgau1h07 (1 change) 2h (1 change) 1h38 (1 change)
Geneva4h20 (1 change) 3h47 (1 change)3h08 (2 changes)
Innsbruck6:25 am (2 changes) 5:51 (2 changes)5:09 am (1 change)
Luxembourg 2h (direct) 2h51 (live)3h07 (live)
Stuttgart 1h16 (live) 1h56 (1 change) 2h49 (1 change)
Zürich 2h29 (1 change)1h57 (1 change)1h19 (live)