Bike tour – La Sarre, between forests and orchards (2h)

Updated on 2024-04-23

Here is a beautiful bicycle route, the BL 346 loop "La Sarre, between forests and orchards" and located in Alsace bossue. Have you ever heard of Alsace bossue? This corner of Alsace located in the northwest of the region is often neglected by tourists... And often quite unknown to Alsatians, I must say!

Laurène is the blog's creator. Originally from Brittany but now living in Alsace, she has fallen in love with her adopted region and loves exploring its every nook and cranny to unearth great ideas to share with you!

However, it is a region that has the merit, in addition to being pretty, to be quite exotic. Of course, we find elements that we know from Alsace, but the landscapes do not resemble the Wine Route or the Alsace plain: it is something else again! For me, who knows the region quite well, it was a pleasure to discover this preserved Alsace off the tourist track… And to realize how much Alsace never ceases to surprise me and is full of beautiful things to discover!

Discovering the preserved landscapes of Alsace bossue

This itinerary is one of the local loops proposed byAlsace à vélo. It is about 20km long, with 350m of difference in altitude: it goes up a little bit at times, but nothing too bad! It takes about 2 hours to cover it. The start is in the small town ofHarskirchen, right next to Saar-Union.

Quickly, we discover whyAlsace bossue is called like that: hills with soft undulating reliefs surround us! I particularly appreciated the diversity of the landscapes: you can admire orchards, meadows where cows graze quietly, cultivated fields but you also pass through forests and along a canal. There are also beautiful buildings to admire along the way, such as the castle of Diedendorf or the old castle of Bonnefontaine (which is in ruins, but being restored).

The itinerary is globally on the road, but they are roads where there is very little traffic: we are not really bothered.

Break at the Horse Nature Park

Once in Altwiller, you can take a break at the Horse Nature Park a park that will certainly please families: wooden games and farm animals await you, in addition to horse shows… There is even a small snack bar if you are hungry!

Return via the Canal des Houillières de la Sarre

The loop then ends along the Canal des Houillères de la Sarre, a canal with nice curves (and therefore not monotonous!) along which it is pleasant to pedal. When arriving in Harskirchen, the route joins the city center (which was the starting point) but take the time to admire just after the bridge the lovely marina of Harskirchen… You feel elsewhere all at once!

Bike rental

If you wish to rent bicycles, you can do so at the Tourist Office of Alsace Bossue (which offers mountain bikes) or at Loc’Bike du Grunewald, which offers mountain bikes and electrically assisted bikes.

  • Discover the preserved landscapes of Alsace Bossue
  • Explore a little-known corner of Alsace
  • Horse Nature Park on the way
  • Nothing!

My photos of the Loop 346 “La Sarre, between forests and orchards