Dinner in the heart of the vineyard at Domaine Sohler Philippe


Have you ever dreamed of dining in the middle of the vineyards, on the Alsace Wine Route? The dream becomes reality with the Dinner in the heart of the Vineyard proposed by the Domaine Sohler Philippe in Nothalten, within the framework of the ecotouristic outings of Alsace. Having tested this dinner, I can tell you that it is a truly magical moment! So I could only tell you about it...

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The outing takes place in three stages: a visit to the cellar at the domain, then a walk in the vineyard of Nothalten and finally dinner in the middle of the vines. The visit of the cellar and the walk allow to understand the different stages of the wine making and the way the work of the vineyard is done in the domain, which is in reasoned agriculture. It is also an opportunity to discover the world of the winemaker and the way he approaches his job. Philippe Sohler did not fall into wine as a child, but gradually became interested in it before starting to run a wine estate with his wife and two daughters. Interesting! To make matters worse, the walk takes place in an idyllic landscape: the hilly landscapes of the Alsace Wine Route are superb in Nothalten! With the late afternoon light gently illuminating the vineyards, we take a lot of pleasure in it.

The walk leads to a beautiful table set in the middle of the vineyards, at the top of the Grand Cru Muenchberg. A location with a splendid panoramic view of the vineyards and the Vosges mountains! We start with the aperitif: pretzels and Crémant d’Alsace, this is the ideal way to start the evening. We continue with the dinner prepared by the Chef of the restaurant La Petite Auberge in Hohwald and accompanied generously by wines of the domain. The meal is prepared with fresh and local products and is rather traditional. For us, it will be a salad with doe ham and Hohwald tomme, then a stew of pork cheeks cooked at low temperature served with spaetzle and finally an apricot pie. A treat! The meal is also an opportunity to exchange with the other participants, but also with the Chef and the Sohler family since everyone dines together.

During the dinner, we attend the ravishing spectacle of the sunset on the vineyards… The sun disappearing behind the Vosges mountains will mark the end of this exceptional moment and the return to the domain at wolf’s pace. What a beautiful evening out of time!

  • Great concept
  • Dinner in an exceptional place
  • Quality of the meal and the wines offered
  • Nothing!

My photos of the Dinner in the heart of the vineyard at Domaine Sohler Philippe