Gourmet walks in Alsace, or how to combine walking and gastronomy!

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Gourmet walks in Alsace: a must this summer! I must admit that when the weather is nice, I enjoy this double pleasure at least once, which combines my two favorite activities. Do you know it? Do you practice?

It seems that the gourmet walks are initially well a concept of theEast of France… Known for many years by the parents, recently (or it is me which grows old?!) a wind of freshness, youth and novelty blew on this niche. The concept? Walk, stop along the way for a bite to eat, then walk again, etc. for about 7 to 10km. The stages generally correspond to an aperitif, a starter, a main course, cheese and dessert And that’s just the minimum!

Well, we won’t hide it, it is also a question of walking with a cup around the neck because there is wine to drink at each stop and to buy at the end: thus envisage your afternoon and a driver, although it is a question of consuming in moderation (but in the sun, it hits quickly)! The gourmet walks are also an opportunity to highlight local wines and products.

The prediction area is of course the
Alsace Wine Route
and its beautiful villages: pay attention to the signs that announce them on the roadside, the gourmet walks innovate (musical, nocturnal, gourmet walk on horseback …).

I was introduced to the gourmet walk 3 years ago in Molsheim, accompanied by a couple of friends and their children. It is quite feasible in family but having made the one ofObernai (called Promenade Gastronomique du Schenkenberg) last year with friends only, I recommend without the toddlers!

Two years ago, I was even amazed to discover that there was a European brotherhood of gourmet walks and so I tested the ” Gourmet Trail “of Scherwillerthe capital of Riesling. The promise had been largely kept, a very nice popular festival carried by volunteers, that’s why I intend to return!

I liked

  • Enjoying good food in the middle of nature

I liked less

  • Excessive drinking

My photos of the Gourmet Walk in Scherwiller

Practical information


The price of a gourmet walk is usually around 40€.

Dates and times

Generally speaking, the gourmet walks are often held on Sundays and holidays from May to October. You will find a detailed schedule here.

Reservations are often made the old fashioned way, with a phone call and a check 😉



Vivine est une copine de Laurène, 200% alsacienne ! Bien qu’elle adore voyager à travers le monde, c’est autour d’une bonne tarte flambée qu’elle se sent le mieux. Enthousiaste (très !), gourmande (trop ?) et audacieuse (mystère…), elle est toujours en quête de découvertes qu’elle aura grand plaisir à partager avec ses proches ; et maintenant vous serez aussi dans la confidence!


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