Bike tour around Kaysersberg (20km)

Updated on 2024-05-14

If you are looking for a bike ride on the Alsace Wine Route that is accessible to all, this itinerary should please you! This is the local loop BL320 "La décapole par vignes et coteaux", a magnificent walk of around 20km, with only 150m of ascent. A real favorite!

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Elevation gain
Approx. 1h15

My summary

  • Very nice itinerary to discover the beauty of the Wine Route (landscapes and villages)
  • A short walk without too much difference in altitude: accessible to all
  • Possibility to rent a bike or a VAE at Alsa Cyclo Tours in Kaysersberg
  • Easy to follow: very well marked out
  • Nothing!

Discover the villages of the Wine Route

This bike ride passes through the villages of Kaysersberg, Kientzheim, Sigolsheim, Ingersheim, Turckheim, Ammerschwihr and Katzenthal. There are so many beautiful typical Alsatian villages where it is very pleasant to stop and admire the beauty of the half-timbered houses, the flowered streets and the pretty churches and fountains that are there. The most famous of them is undoubtedly Kaysersberg, elected Favorite Village of the French in 2017, and which has a crazy charm… It is from this village that I chose to start the walk.

This has two advantages: you will have time to stroll around before or after your bike ride, and you can easily rent a bike or an electric bike from Alsa Cyclo Tours.

The itinerary step by step

Once you have your bike back, let’s go! We begin by climbing gently in the vineyards on the heights of Kaysersberg, which allows to have a magnificent view on the village, with its pretty houses, its church and its castle. Then, we are in the heart of the vineyard of the Valley of Kaysersberg: the slopes on which the vines are planted are rather abrupt, it is superb. I reassure you, no difficulty to pedal on the other hand, it is almost flat. We then pass through the villages of Kientzheim and Sigolsheim. This might be a good time to stop by if you want to buy a picnic for later: Ferme Clarisse, in Sigolsheim, is a store where you’ll find great local produce!

The route then moves a little more into the plain to reach Ingersheim and then Turckheim: you pass fields and orchards with a beautiful view of the vineyards and the Vosges Mountains a little further on. Beautiful… On the way, depending on the season, you may see the fruit trees of the Ferme de la Pommeraie in Sigolsheim, where it is possible to pick blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or apples: you pick what you want and you pay according to the weight. Nice and delicious!

The path then follows the Fecht river to reach Turckheim, which is also a charming village that deserves a stop. After the break, you have to retrace your steps a little along the river before turning off in the direction of Katzenthal. Be careful, it is from there that you will have some climbs! They are not very long in general but this one is quite steep (in fact, it is the hardest of the route)! The reward is of course the view that you have once at the top: a beautiful panorama on the vineyard, there is nothing like it…

The itinerary then goes through the vineyards, offering beautiful landscapes to look at: I may know the Alsace Wine Route, but I still find it so beautiful and even more so when I ride my bike! We cross the wine villages of Katzenthal then Ammerschwihr, which can also be the occasion to stop to visit a wine grower and to make a tasting. In Ammerschwihr, for example, I can recommend Vins Thomas-André et Fils, an organic winemaker whose wines I served at my wedding 😉 That’s how much I like him! Taste in particular the Kaefferkopf, a Grand Cru of which you will have seen the vines just before arriving in the village.

The road continues quietly to Kaysersberg, offering beautiful views of the vineyards on the hillsides. Once you have arrived, you can return your bike and take the time to enjoy the beauty of Kaysersberg!