Shopping idea in Alsace – Les cocottes Staub in Turckheim

Updated on 2024-04-23

Staub is a company created in 1974 in
by Francis Staub, an Alsatian originally from Colmar. It is famous for its enamelled cast iron casseroles, which are used in many French and foreign kitchens. Staub was bought in 2008 by the German group Zwilling but the products continue to be produced in France, in the north of the country in particular. But then, what happens in Alsace? Turckheim is the place where the company was founded and where a large Staub store is still located, offering products from the company's factory for sale.

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The Staub store in Turckheim offers the whole range of products of the brand: casseroles, mini casseroles, teapots, woks, sauté pans, fondue pots… There are many things! In addition to cast iron products, Staub also sells ceramic products as I discovered.

In the store you can find 1st choice products at normal prices but also 2nd choice products at reduced prices. These have a slight aesthetic defect that does not affect their quality and use (for example, a variation in the initial color of the enamel desired). Overall, it’s often hard to find the flaw, I find! Since Staub products are of high quality and therefore very expensive, it can really be worth it!

Please note: the Staub store in Turckheim organizes a big annual sale at the end of November, with really interesting discounts. A good place to buy a few Christmas gifts “made in France” to food lovers! Personally, I found my happiness there! In 2016, the braderie takes place on November 24, 25 and 26.

  • Products made in France (not in Alsace but it is already good 😉 )
  • 2nd choice products that are still of very good quality
  • Annual flea market
  • The company is no longer Alsatian, damn!

My pictures of the Staub store in Turckheim