Schnapps walk in Sasbachwalden (Germany)


For this unusual hike, I take you to Sasbachwalden, in the Black Forest, with our German neighbors. Two itineraries called "Schnapsbrunnenwege" (the paths of the schnapps fountains, quite a program, eh?) exist in this charming Black Forest wine village located 40km from Strasbourg.

Laurène is the blog's creator. Originally from Brittany but now living in Alsace, she has fallen in love with her adopted region and loves exploring its every nook and cranny to unearth great ideas to share with you!

Some friends told me about these original routes, allowing to hike in beautiful landscapes but also to taste local schnapps. Of course, I was intrigued! We went all together on a grey autumn day, but the scenery and colors that awaited us made our afternoon beautiful. And this without abusing the schnapps, of course 😉 Léa also went to test the second itinerary: so we can give you a full report 🙂

Concept of the schnapps tour

The Schnapsbrunnenwege are signposted routes with fountains where bottles of locally produced schnapps are waiting for you in the cooler.

We also often findother delicacies: liquors, wine, soft drinks, sometimes coffee (not in the fountain, eh, in a thermos next to it!) and even chips to accompany the tasting if needed.

In addition to the fountain, there is a small cupboard to hold glasses, picnic tables to sit on and sometimes even a shelter. It is super well done and very pretty: we just want to settle down!

We serve ourselves and we pay in a piggy bank on the spot. Plan to have change, it is necessary to count 1€ by glass and 2/3€ if you take a more important quantity (there are mini-bottles for example). The idea is obviously not to come out drunk, just to taste some local specialties during the hike. What a pleasure to stop in a cute place, to choose your drink and to have a pleasant and greedy break!

Two schnapps tours to choose from

There are two Schnapsbrunnenwege in Sasbachwalden: a 7km loop (Schnapsbrunnenweg 1) north of the village and a longer one of 12km (Schnapsbrunnenweg 2) to the south.

My hike on the Schnapsbrunnenweg 1 (by Laurène)

I walked thefirst loop (7km, about 2h without breaks), which I really loved: a good climb at the beginning but no difficulty afterwards, and really nice landscapes all along the walk!

Between the forest, the Gaishöll waterfalls, the vineyards and the panoramic views of the villages nestled in the vineyards, it was a real postcard at every moment.

As a bonus, I tasted a glass of a quince liqueur to die for, enough to warm up my body and my heart 😉 I will come back to try the second schnapps tour one of these days, for sure!

My hike on the Schnapsbrunnenweg 2 (by Léa)

This second circuit of 12 km (4h approximately), more sporting because it counts 400 meters of unevenness, was a big blow of heart! It must be said that the weather conditions were particular: we started to climb in the vineyard and then in the forest in the middle of the fog. Then we walked for some time between fog and sun, which gave a sublime luminosity. And finally, we went beyond the fog to enjoy a great sun and beautiful cloud seas!

The Schnapsbrunnenweg 2 passes by several farms or schnapps fountains but several were not open because it was November. That said, a glass of a delicious cherry liqueur was more than enough for us, and we then tried an equally good sparkling fruit juice.

A little bonus for the gourmets: the end of the hike passes near the adorable restaurant Spinnerhofwhich serves gargantuan slices of Black Forest!

With its beautiful and varied landscapes, its tiny bucolic villages to cross and its gourmet reward at the end, I would do this hike again with great pleasure!

  • Unusual concept
  • Beauty of the landscape
  • Charming places to take a schnapps break
  • The delicious schnapps and liqueurs
  • Nothing at all

Our pictures of the schnapps walk in Sasbachwalden