Walk on the Schauinsland in the Black Forest (Germany)


Are you ready to discover one of the most beautiful landscapes around Freiburg in Germany? A walk on the Schauinsland is a nice idea for a getaway to admire beautiful panoramas of the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) and enjoy the surrounding nature. Whether you feel like a quiet walk with your family or a more sportive hike, it's a very nice place that I really enjoyed discovering with my friend Céline from Knack & RucksackEven if the weather did not allow us to appreciate all the beauty of the viewpoints!

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A mountain in the Schwarzwald near Freiburg

The Schauinsland is a mountain in the Black Forest with an altitude of 1,284 meters, which makes it one of the highest peaks in the massif (the highest point being the Feldberg at 1,493 meters). It is located 10km southeast of Freiburg im Breisgau. Really close to the city, which makes it one of the favorite mountains of the Fribourg people, as well as one of their favorite places to walk!

Schauinslandbahn, cable car from Horben

It is possible (and recommended) to reach the Schauinsland by taking the Schauinslandbahn, a gondola lift that was put into service in 1930 (and renovated since then, I assure you!) and that happens to be the longest continuous motion cable car in Germany. You will find here the practical information with the schedules and tariffs.

It is true that the Schauinslandbahn is quite long (it is 3.6km long and has a 746m difference in altitude), it takes about 20 minutes to go up or down! It is very pleasant because it allows to enjoy the landscape. When the weather is good, there is apparently a view of the Rhine valley and the vineyards of the Tuniberg and Kaiserstuhl. I didn’t see much from my side but you could tell the beauty of the place!

Gourmet break in the Schauinsland restaurant

There are several restaurants in Schauinsland, but I tested the one located in the same building as the top station of the cable car, Die Bergstation. The room is already pleasant, especially the one with the fire place and the huge windows, offering certainly a magnificent panorama by good weather (for us it was a foggy day unfortunately!). There is also a beautiful terrace with a panoramic view.

As far as food is concerned, we can find some classic German food and I chose a schnitzel (which was very good) as well as an apple and walnut pie for a snack after the walk. Yes, it was necessary to warm up 😛

Family outing or more sportive hike

Four hiking trails start from the top station of the cable car (Tal station), so you can adapt your walk to your desires, your form and the weather. The smallest walk is 2.5km long, with 40 meters of positive elevation change, and the largest is 8.8km long with 770m of positive elevation change. You can find information about the different walks here (with GPX routes).

During your walk or while making a small detour depending on the route you choose, don’t miss the Eugen-Keidel tower (also called Schauinsland tower), located at the top of the mountain and measuring 31 meters high. It can be reached from the top station of the gondola by an easy 700m path. I regretted not being able to go up there, it was closed when I went, but considering the weather conditions that day I wouldn’t have seen much anyway! In good weather, I’m sure it’s worth climbing the 85 steps.

If you are luckier than we are with the weather, you will be able to admire the panorama of the Feldberg, the Black Forest and even, on a clear day, the Alps with Mont Blanc!

  • Take the cable car and watch the landscape
  • Lunch at the summit
  • Walk around
  • The weather that day 😛

My photos from the Schauinsland trip