Visit of Seebach, a village in Northern Alsace


Seebach is a village located in the north of Alsace, right next to Hunspach. Perhaps you have never heard of it because theNorthern Alsace in general is less known than the Alsace Wine Route and its villages. However, if you are looking for a very authentic corner of Alsace, where you will meet few tourists, I recommend you to go beyond the unavoidable villages of Alsace such as Riquewihr, Kaysersberg or Eguisheim and to push a little to the north... You will also find beautiful things and much less people! Seebach, for example, is probably one of the most beautiful villages in Alsace (and yet there are many beautiful ones!).

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What to see in Seebach? The village has a large number of beautiful, large, half-timbered houses and, this will probably surprise you if you have been to the Alsatian vineyards before, white in color. Why this absence of color when you certainly have in mind the colorful Alsatian houses? Simply because, traditionally, the houses were white. It is only later (from the 17th century) that colors appeared on the timber-framed houses. However, don’t think that white houses are sad. The shutters are often colored and many flowers adorn the windows. In addition, there is a real harmony of the whole, which gives a lot of charm to the village of Seebach.

Interestingly, thechurch in Seebach, St. Wendelin of Niederseebach, is a simultaneous church, which means that it is used by both Catholics and Protestants. This happens sometimes in Alsace: I had seen for the first time such a church in La Petite Pierre.

The visit of the village is quite quick since there are globally two main streets to walk (the street of the Blacksmiths and the street of the Churches), where the half-timbered houses are well aligned. That being said, you will already spend some time there: when I went there, I stopped at each house to admire the courtyards, gardens and beautiful facades!

I invite you to pair your visit to Seebach with a visit to the nearby village ofHunspach (also beautiful, it is classified among the Most Beautiful Villages of France. I admit to having a small preference for Seebach, but the best is to go and see both), of Wissembourg and the northern Alsace in general.

If you want to visit Seebach and enjoy a nice event, come in July to the Streisselhochzeit, a reenactment of a traditional Alsatian wedding during which the courtyards of the houses are open and there are many animations. I haven’t been there yet but this festival was recommended to me by trusted friends who are very attached to the Alsatian culture: I can therefore tell you that it is a quality event, apparently very nice!

  • Beautiful half-timbered houses
  • Harmony of color and architecture of the houses
  • Not very touristy
  • It is not very big, plan to couple your visit with the surrounding villages 🙂

My photos of the village of Seebach