Visit of a munster cheese factory – Ferme du Versant du Soleil


Do you know the Munster cheese? It is an Alsatian cheese with a strong taste. As its name indicates, it originates from the Valley of Munster. Even today, it can only be produced in certain parts of eastern France (mainly in the Vosges mountains). There are many farms in Alsace producing Munster cheese. The trick is to know the right places to buy it but also, if you are interested in cheese making, to visit a munster cheese factory! Good news, I found one for you...

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Production of farmhouse munster cheese in the Alsatian Vosges

After a visit to the Maison du Fromage which had disappointed me, I decided to try the visit proposed by the Ferme du Versant du Soleil, which had been recommended to me by friends from the Valley of Munster. And this time, I came out happy! The Versant du Soleil farm is located in Hohrod, just outside the town of Munster. It is therefore easy to access.

Guided tour of the cheese factory

The guided tours of the cheese factory are conducted by the farmer himself, who has a great sense of humor and makes the visit as funny as it is interesting. He explains the different stages of the making of Munster cheese while giving a demonstration. It is clear and interesting! Then comes the time of the tasting: he gives me a piece of munster, of barikass (an Alsatian cheese with a long maturation period and softer than the munster: a kind of local gruyère) and of tommette. Cheese making is done daily by the Lau family, owners of the farm. A real handcrafted product and a family know-how!

Small tour at the farm

Having gone to visit in winter, I was able to see the cows in the large barn that serves as their home in this season. They are in meadows in spring and autumn and spend the summer in the pastures of the Vosges. The downward transhumance, at the end of September, is carried out on foot and gives rise to a great festival at the farm in which everyone can participate. The farm also has goats (for pleasure only since the cheese factory only produces cow’s cheese), chickens and rabbits. It’s always fun for a family outing to the farm!

  • Very interesting free visit
  • Handcrafted products
  • Possibility to see several animals of the farm
  • Nothing!

My photos of the visit of the Versant du Soleil cheese factory in Alsace