Visit to NaturOparC in Hunawihr

Updated on 2024-05-09

The NaturOparC (ex center of reintroduction of storks and otters), is an animal park located in Hunawihr, on the Alsace Wine Road, 15km from Colmar. It plays a vital role in the preservation of nature, the conservation of species and public awareness: it is a place to visit with your family during your stay in Alsace!

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An animal park dedicated to the conservation of animals

This park is primarily a place dedicated to the conservation of animals and species threatened with extinction in the region. NaturOparC has been involved in the preservation of regional biodiversity since its creation and is involved in breeding and reinforcement programs in natural environments as well as in raising public awareness of biodiversity.

Created in 1976, the center has allowed the reintroduction of storks in Alsace with success: at the time, there were only five pairs of white storks left in the region! Today, there are 150 storks at NaturOparC and over 1,500 in the region! Later, the center proceeded in the same way with the European otters, always with success, and is now dedicated to the Alsatian Hamster (formerly called “Marmotte de Strasbourg”). A beautiful work of passionate commitment to the local wildlife!

How long does it take to visit Naturoparc?

It takes about 2 hours to visit the Naturoparc of Hunawihr.

Park of storks, otters and big hamsters of Alsace

The visit of NaturOparC allows you to observe white storks, European otters and Great Hamsters of Alsace but also other species such as turtles, ducks, swans, fishes or coypu. More than 200 specimens live together in the heart of this magnificent park.

As soon as you arrive, you can hear the distinctive beak clicks of the storks. I had never seen so many storks from so close: it’s quite amazing, especially since they are not locked up (except for some), but in freedom. There is even a panoramic terrace where you can be almost at the height of the nests to better admire them.

The place is really a pleasant place to visit (a park of 5ha of greenery awaits you!), has many interesting explanatory panels on the various species encountered, and also proposes to discover the flora and nature, with ponds, a mini-vineyard, a rock of scents and various local plant species.

Young and old alike will certainly learn a lot about storks and nature, especially with the playful facilities such as the sensory labyrinth, the bird play lab or the trail of tracks.

Animations: the caretakers’ meetings

Throughout the day, animations lasting 10 to 15 minutes are offered by the park’s animal caretakers, a team of enthusiasts. On the program of these meetings, presentation of the stork but also otters’ breakfast, hamsters’ snack, raccoons’ dessert… Privileged moments that the visitors share with the animals and the caretakers!

  • Conservation action and Naturoparc spirit
  • Seeing storks from so close
  • Pleasant and educational place to walk
  • Partner of the Pass Alsace
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