Visit to the Parc de Wesserling and the Textile Ecomuseum

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Nestled at the foot of the Vosges mountains, in the St Amarin valley, the Wesserling park is an original place since it is located on the site of a former royal factory of printed cloths from the 18th century, which later became a major textile industry centre. The entire site has been transformed into an original place, hosting a park, a museum (textile eco-museum) and artistic creation spaces.

Where is the Parc de Wesserling ?

The Parc de Wesserling is located in Husseren-Wesserling, in the Saint-Amarin Valley, in the south of Alsace.

Brief history of Wesserling Park

On this moraine mound, the prince-abbots of Murbach built a hunting lodge in 1699. It was then a green paradise for the pleasure of the nobles. In the middle of the 18th century, the place became a royal factory, one of the largest in France. It produced splendid printed fabrics, the indians. The factory transformed the society and the inhabitants became worker-peasants, sharing their lives between the fields and the factory.

In the beginning, many tasks were done at home, then with the prosperity of the factory, it expanded, as did the village around it. It was the golden age of industry for many years, until the decline in the 1930s. The site was saved in 1986, thanks to its purchase by the Regional Council. The rehabilitation of the site and the gardens that followed, makes it today a unique industrial heritage site in France.

Visit the park and the museum of Wesserling

The Parc de Wesserling is a pleasant place to wander: from the vegetable garden to the English park and the barefoot path, there’s plenty to discover, especially for families. Every year, the park is decorated with a particular theme. The kids are having a blast! It is also possible to buy some vegetables from the garden and even jams. The park includes in fact 5 gardens, classified as “remarkable gardens”.

The visit of the textile eco-museum is also very interesting. We discover the stages of manufacture of the printed fabrics. Don’t miss the view of the entire site from the museum’s terrace! It is also possible to visit the Grande Chaufferie during an unusual visit and the other buildings linked to the textile industry heritage, following a heritage trail: factories, sheds, owners’ castles, mansions, industrial wasteland, farm…. Throughout the visit, exhibitions, animations, sounds and lights associate the history of the site with contemporary art in a unique and original way. Dramatized visits and demonstrations of spinning, weaving and printing on the board allow to revive these old trades.

Finally, there are still the stores and creative workshops to visit, if you still have some time to spare, and why not stop by the Brasserie Artisanale Cabrio.

This cultural and historical space is very lively and vibrant and there are many events throughout the year, so be sure to check out the calendar to plan your visit.

Christmas in the Garden” night strolls

The Parc de Wesserling opens in December for its “Christmas in the garden”. Each year, this illuminated walk through the gardens takes up a well-known story. And every year, it is a real pleasure to go there with the family to experience Christmas in a different way!

The art of adapting stories known to all!

Cinderella, Mary Poppins or The Wizard of Oz: here are the latest stories that have gone through the mill at the Parc de Wesserling. The story is more or less adapted by the Park in a different way each year. It can be integrated into the adventure of the old textile factory, the characters will thus change names, or take place in its place of origin. Nevertheless, everyone recognizes its emblematic scenes: Mary Poppins’ uncle who climbs to the ceiling because he laughs so much, the wicked witch of the East crushed by Dorothy’s house or the loss of Cinderella’s shoe left hurriedly from the ball… The actors and actresses? They are so good at immersing you in history that it’s hard to believe that it’s Park employees and volunteers who are mobilizing for “Christmas in the Garden.”

On the way, our little group is still part of the story. We are never just spectators at Christmas in the Garden: we are entrusted with missions of the utmost importance. We all tidied up our room under the watchful eye of Mary Poppins, my little girl carried the invitation to Cinderella’s ball, helped Dorothy get rid of one of the witches in the Land of Oz and my niece assisted the Wizard of Oz in one of his magic “tricks”. What a joy to be part of history!

How is Christmas at the Garden?

To attend one of the “Christmas in the Garden” sessions, you can register from October onwards with the park. You choose your day and time: there is a departure every fifteen minutes on show nights, between 5pm and 9pm.

The D-day, by group of about thirty people, we wait well in the warmth of the textile eco-museum (that you can visit while waiting for your turn) before being taken in the illuminated park… On our way, several scenes are magnificently illuminated. We let ourselves be guided on our way by lanterns and the characters of the story. It’s magical… Then, we end with a nice tale and a Christmas song sung by some volunteer singers in the farm, sitting on hay bales, close to the cows (be careful with sensitive noses!).

Gourmet break to end the evening in style!

After about an hour’s walk through the park, we arrive at a chalet, a true reproduction of a mountain chalet commissioned by the owners of the factory in the 19th century. We sit on large tables to drink mulled wine (offered) and eat a mannala or, for those who wish to eat on the spot, hot toast, a good vegetable soup and a dessert. With my family, we always choose a time to meet at dinner time. It’s a great way to end the evening!

I liked

  • Take a leisurely stroll in the park
  • Visit the textile eco-museum
  • To be able to buy vegetables from the garden
  • Partner of the Pass Alsace
  • NoĂ«l au Jardin is another way to experience Christmas in Alsace, complementary to the Christmas markets.
  • See the wonder in the eyes of the kids and the adults too!
  • The conviviality of the chalet at the end of the walk

I liked less

  • Be sure to inquire in advance, not everything is open (especially designer workshops)

My photos of the Wesserling Park in Husseren-Wesserling

Practical information

Rates and reservation

Book your tickets here. You will find here the price list of the Parc de Wesserling and the Ecomusée textile. For Pass Alsace holders, the entrance is free!


You will find here the opening hours and periods of the Parc de Wesserling and the Ecomusée textile.


By car

The address is as follows: Parc de Wesserling – EcomusĂ©e textile, rue du Parc 68470 Husseren-Wesserling. This is located at:

  • 37 km from Mulhouse (about 40 minutes)
  • 59 km from Colmar (about 1 hour)
  • 136 km from Strasbourg (about 1h45)
By public transport

It is possible to come by train from Mulhouse. You have to get off at the stop Gare de Wesserling and then walk 10 minutes. The easiest way to plan your route is to look at Fluo.



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