Fed with Bretzels in her early childhood, Marine loves her region but she also loves to travel. She also loves cooking and it is a good way to discover new regions and countries. She started a blog in 2010 working in the evening and during the weekends.Her blog is called Miss Crumble. It is like a digital cookbook of salty or sugary recipes. She shares with her readers traditional Alsatian recipes and recipes from other regions and countries. Cooking can be such a joy!

Recipe for Bouchées à la Reine and Alsatian pasta

Ahhhh the Bouchées à la Reine! A great classic of the French and Alsatian cuisine in which we sometimes don’t dare to get into. Puff pastry crusts, a creamy filling… A real treat! For a festive meal or a good Sunday lunch with the family, this is a recipe that will please everybody, I can tell you! Bouchées à la reine take a little time to make, and some versions of the recipe can be “impressive” (such as the calf sweetbread version, for example). That said, there is a relatively simple and accessible version to make: the one based...

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Recipe for spring rolls with sauerkraut and lardon-infused cream

For most of us, eating sauerkraut boils down to only two Alsatian recipes: choucroute garnie, with about three or four kinds of meats or sauerkraut with fish. In short, these are the two traditional recipes that everyone knows and has certainly tasted when visiting Alsace. And no, I’m not saying it’s not good. I actually love it, it’s a great meal to gather up families and it’s not that difficult to prepare. However, sauerkraut is a vegetable that can also be cooked differently, with a good recipe on hand. It is what I’m proposing to do today with this recipe with sauerkraut, embracing part...

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Recipe for Alsatian sauerkraut – THE ultimate traditional dish

It’s impossible to talk about Alsatian gastronomy without mentioning THE ultimate traditional dish, Alsatian choucroute garnie – or sauerkraut. It is a unique dish, ideal for a meal around a big table. Let me specify one fact: in 2018, Alsace sauerkraut received the PGI mention (Protected Geographical Indication). This European certification is for local producers, protects and showcases sauerkrauts produced, processed and prepared in Alsace. That is something to be very proud of in Alsace! Choucroute garnie might be easy to prepare, but it still requires some attention in the different preparation stages. Fermented cabbage needs to be rinsed several times with clean water, to...

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Recipe for mannele/mannala/manala, the little brioche men from Saint Nicholas

Would you also like to celebrate Saint Nicholas? It’s impossible to properly do so without a recipe for mannele/mannala/manala (yes, you can write it several different ways!)! For those of you that don’t know, Saint Nicholas is a gourmet day for those living in the East of France, to patiently wait for Christmas. On the 6th of December, on the day of Saint Nicholas, it is customary to prepare mannala, the brioche men that can be savoured for breakfast or for an afternoon snack, and that are given to children who have been good. In actual fact, every opportunity is a good excuse in Alsace...

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Recipe for small decorated Alsatian gingerbread biscuits

Ah gingerbread biscuits! It’s really an emblematic sweet treat of Christmas in Alsace! As soon as we bake some, the whole house smells great, of honey and spices (especially cinnamon), like the scent of Holidays! You can choose to do a large gingerbread or small decorated gingerbread biscuits. These small biscuits are traditional in the region (you’ll see some on all the Christmas markets or by visiting the two gingerbread makers in Gertwiller), and it was customary in the past to give gingerbread biscuits to people, including to your loved one… The toughest thing to do will probably be to choose the cookie-cutter that you will use. I...

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