Badeparadies – Water park, pools and slides in Germany


The Badeparadies is a huge water park located in Titisee, in the Black Forest (Germany), about 30km from Freiburg im Breisgau. So it's not far from the border with Alsace!

As a journalist in real life, and a blogger for pleasure, Léa has always enjoyed tracking down little-known gourmet addresses, unusual activities, off-the-beaten-track hikes and places with history and soul... And Alsace is full of them!

Badeparadies, three aquatic spaces

The water park Badeparadies includes three distinct areas: a space dedicated to leisure (Galaxy Schwarzwald), which I tested and about which I speak to you below, but also a spa and naturist space (Vital Palace) and a third relaxing space (Oasis of the Palms), with various pools and ponds. Each of these universes is accessible separately or with grouped tickets.

Galaxy Schwarzwald: the big slide area!

The Galaxy Schwarzwald in the Badeparadies is a paradise for slides: there are 23 slides, spread over more than 7,000m2! Classic or original, with or without buoys, for children or thrill seekers, with mats, alone or with others… If you like waterslides, you will love Badeparadies.

With an indoor wave pool, two snack bars, an outdoor area and a rest room, in a beautiful canopy with deckchairs installed under palm trees, there is easily enough to spend the day in this water park with turquoise blue waters. There is even a mini hammam accessible to children.

Personally, I loved the four-lane carpet slide, the “wild river”, a long course that mimics rapids, and a buoy slide that links a nice descent and a rather impressive half-turn, all above the pool.

My only regrets: there are only snacks for lunch (not everyone is a fan of curry wurst 😉 ) and the “free fall” slide was closed. It’s also very noisy but you know what to expect in such a large family complex!

  • The variety and originality of the slides
  • Cleanliness
  • Lack of variety for lunch
  • It’s not very close so go for the whole day

Pictures of Badeparadies in Titisee in the Black Forest

These photos were provided by Badeparadies.