Visit of Bergheim, village of the Alsace Wine Route


Bergheim is a charming village located on the Alsace Wine Route, not far from Colmar. Less known than other villages like Kaysersberg or Riquewihr, Bergheim is still worth a visit... Personally, I had a real crush on it! It has just been elected as the "Village Préféré des Français" in 2022... The calm that we had while visiting it could change in the next months ;)

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Origin of Bergheim

We don’t know the exact origin of Bergheim, but we have the proof of the Roman presence because of the discovery of two mosaics dating from this period: one is preserved in the Unterlinden museum in Colmar and the other in the old synagogue of Bergheim.

To see in Bergheim

Even if Bergheim is not exclusively pedestrian, I advise you to leave your car on one of the parking lots located at the entrance of the city and to walk through its streets, it is much more pleasant!

In Bergheim you can admire numerous vestiges dating from the medieval period like its beautiful ramparts with 9 towers (along which it is possible to walk by following the Promenade des remparts)There is also the parish church, the old synagogue and the High Gate, a majestic gateway to the city dating from the 14th century.

One can stroll in Bergheim along its beautiful streets, admiring the beautiful half-timbered houses (the oldest dating from the 15th century), the old wash house along the Grand Rue, the superb market place always incredibly flowered and its Town Hall dating from the 18th century or the incredible lime tree, planted in the year 1300!

Don’t forget to visit the House of Witches is a museum that retraces the history of the witch-hunt in the 17th century and the trials that took place in Bergheim from 1582 to 1683, but you can also stop at one of the winegrowers of Bergheim to taste Alsace wine: we are on the Wine RouteLet’s not forget it!

  • Walking around in this postcard setting
  • Few tourists, we feel privileged!
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