Best ice cream parlors in Strasbourg: where to eat a good ice cream?

By Léa
Updated on 2024-05-05

The question of the best ice cream shop in Strasbourg comes up as soon as summer approaches! What are my favorite ice cream shops in Strasbourg, where I can taste quality ice cream and sorbets? Obviously, I haven't tried out all the addresses in town, and this selection is subjective, but you're unlikely to be disappointed at these Strasbourg ice cream parlors.

As a journalist in real life, and a blogger for pleasure, Léa has always enjoyed tracking down little-known gourmet addresses, unusual activities, off-the-beaten-track hikes and places with history and soul... And Alsace is full of them!

1. Le Petit Glacier, my favourite


I’ve tried this family-run ice cream shop, located on rue d’Austerlitz and rue Gutenberg, a good ten times without ever being disappointed. Their ice cream sundaes, all delicious and huge, are worth the detour, especially the fruit ones because they are made fresh. The Hawaii for example (passion and mango sorbets, coconut ice cream, melon, mango coulis and whipped cream) is a big hit! You can also compose your own cup, with 2 to 6 scoops of ice cream of your choice. The terrace is large, in the shade, and if you’re not into ice cream, the Petit Glacier offers other delicacies such as crepes or homemade pie. Little extra: the staff is really adorable.

  • The quality of the ice cream cups
  • The kindness of the staff
  • Nothing

2. Toscani, the original


If you’re in the mood fororiginality, Toscani is the place to go. This small ice cream shop located in the pretty ruelle de la Lanterne, in the city center, regularly offers new or original flavors: avocado, cactus, cinnamon pear, verbena, ginger, rose… If you don’t like to try this kind of ice cream, the great classics are also on the menu! No ice cream here: Toscani doesn’t have a terrace, so you’ll have to take a cone or a jar to go.

  • The original perfumes
  • No terrace to rest :-/

3. Franchi, the diversity of fragrances


In Strasbourg, Franchi is an institution. The family business was founded by the Italian Joseph Franchi in the 1930s and now has four stores in Strasbourg, a sales outlet in Obernai and two restaurants. For small pleasures, choose ice cream in cones among the 50 flavors offered, from the classic to the most original (After Eight, Smurf, ). If you’re in the mood for a treat, try the ice cream sundaes. Their price may seem high (6 to 10€50) but it is almost a meal in itself!

In my favorites, the Grenobloise (vanilla, pistachio, caramel and stracciatella ice cream, whipped cream, nuts and honey) and the Tout Chocolat but there are many with fresh fruit. Franchi also makes frozen desserts and sells tubs of ice cream to go, but I’ve never had the opportunity to try it. The only drawback is that this ice cream shop is crowded in summer, whether for takeaway or for a place on the terrace.

  • The wide variety of fragrances
  • The glacier is taken by storm in summer!

4. Christian, the classic

Every summer, the Christian pastry shop brings outits homemade ice cream stand at the foot of the cathedral. Whether it is ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, coffee…) or sorbets (raspberry, peach, melon, coconut…), it is a real treat! Don’t hesitate to try the typical flavors of Alsace: mirabelle plum, geranium, white cheese and wild blackberry. For the tasting, I advise you to walk a few meters to reach the Castle Square and enjoy your ice cream while admiring the cathedral.

  • Quality ice cream and sorbets
  • Sale only to take away