Bicycle ride “Beers and hops” in the Zorn region (1h30)

Updated on 2024-04-23

Here is a bicycle loop in Alsace off the beaten track, which allows you to discover the Zorn region, northwest of Strasbourg and southwest of Haguenau. The area is not very well known by tourists but is nevertheless very pleasant: what if we discovered it by bike? I propose you here the local loop 227 of Alsace by bike, called "Bières et houblonnière" (beer and hop field), a rather attractive program, isn't it? The course is 25km long and has 200m of ascent: there are a few small climbs but not really bad!

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Along the Canal de la Marne au Rhin

The route starts in Waltenheim-sur-Zorn, a small port on the Canal de la Marne au Rhin where you will see pleasure boats. This is indeed a base of the boat rental company Les Canalous: it can give you an idea for a next time, it’s nice to do too. We begin then by going along the canal along theEurovélo 5 what is very pleasant: it is flat, it is pretty and we are perfectly in security.

Visit of the Villa Meteor in Hochfelden

We quickly see in the distance the town ofHochfelden, with its bell tower but also a large building on the left: it is the famous Brasserie Météor, the only industrial brewery in Alsace that is still independent and family-owned. You will see Météor beer everywhere, impossible to come to Alsace without discovering it 😉

The brewery itself cannot be visited, but you can visit the Villa Meteor, which is a museum space created within the brewery buildings. Do not hesitate to make this small detour to visit it (you are there in 5 minutes), it is very interesting. You will find more information in my article about the visit of the Villa Meteor.

Typical villages and small country roads

After Hochfelden, we leave the bike path and the canal for small country roads. These are not very busy (except during rush hour, I guess) so I wasn’t bothered by cars. There is just a very small fraction of a departmental road that is quickly passed.

You can walk along these roads admiring the hilly landscapes of the Zorn country: cultivated fields, trees, and of course… hop fields! Impossible to miss them even if you have never seen them, these long lianas which grow in height are easily recognizable.

Did you know that hops were produced in France? In fact, not much is produced, but most of it comes from Alsace and Flanders. In Alsace, it is the commune of Wingersheim-les-Quatre-Bans which has the title of hop capital, and you will see indeed in edge of road of very many hop fields. It is also in Wingersheim that the Hop Discovery Trail, a 4.5km long path that can be discovered freely on foot but also, in season, during a guided tour.

In addition to the landscapes to be admired along this bicycle loop, the itinerary passes through pretty little villages typical of Alsace: Hohfrankenheim, Gingsheim, Hohatzenheim, Mittelhausen and Wingersheim.

Don’t miss a break at the church of Hohatzenheim, a very beautiful church dating from the 12th century. You should take the time to enter, to admire the view of the surroundings from the front of the church but also to take a pleasant break in its wooded park. A real little haven of peace!

Gourmet break in Wingersheim

If you wish to have a pleasant break for lunch or a snack, I advise you to stop at the
Lutz bakery in Wingersheim
. You can sit inside or on the terrace and enjoy a good pastry… Always good during a bike ride, right?

Return via the canal

Then, you just have to take a little piece of road before joining the Canal de la Marne au Rhin, which will bring you back to Waltenheim-sur-Zorn. The last part of the itinerary is very pleasant: pedaling by the water, nothing like it!

  • Loop off the beaten track
  • Nice and pleasant course
  • Visit of the Villa Meteor to be done on the way
  • Lots of roads so just avoid rush hour

My photos of the “Beer and hops” cycling tour