Brewery Meteor – Visit of the museum Villa Meteor in Hochfelden


The Villa Meteor is the museum of the Meteor brewery, an important company in Alsace. It is indeed the oldest brewery in France still in activity and the only industrial brewery in Alsace still independent and family-owned! It has a special place in the hearts of Alsatians: you will find Meteor beer everywhere in the region.

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Visit of the Villa Meteor in Hochfelden

The Villa Meteor is a museum attached to the brewery, located in Hochfelden (north of Strasbourg). The place is special because it is the oldest brewery site in France… It has a real history and the creation of Villa Meteor was precisely to share the history of this fabulous site with the visitors. The visit to Villa Meteor is interesting: it allows you to learn not only about the raw materials used and the brewing techniques of the beer, but also about the evolution of the brand over time. We also discover the buildings of the brewery, which are remarkable.

It’s impossible to enter the brewery itself (if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll find our ideas here). visits to Alsace breweries), but the museum area has been well laid out: you can see the brewing room through a glass window, and other rooms with objects and explanatory panels help you understand the various stages involved in making beer. I really liked the fact that the employees of the company are put forward: they are the ones who explain their work to the visitors, in small videos. There are indoor spaces but also a lot of outdoor spaces, it is better to have it in mind because the visit is not ideal in case of heavy rain or intense cold.

Beer tasting and store of the Meteor brewery

Last step of the visit, the tasting, which takes place in a huge bar decorated with the colors of the brand. This one is generous: it is possible to taste all the Meteor beers. The beer is served in galopins (12,5cl) and Boehli pretzels (another essential Alsatian brand) are available for you to nibble at the same time. Being with friends, we tasted all the beers taking sips from each other’s glasses. For me, who only knew the “classic” Pils, I discovered a whole range that I really appreciated.

You can of course buy beer in the store before leaving. On our side, we were delighted with the visit: it is not huge but we spend a good time and we learn a lot! If you’d like to continue discovering this brewing region, I suggest a fun bike ride around Hochfelden.

  • Very well laid out and educational museum space
  • Putting employees first
  • Generous tasting
  • Open on Sunday
  • Impossible to see the “real” brewery
  • Lots of outdoor space: not ideal if it’s cold or raining 😉

My photos of Villa Meteor