Itinerary of bike ride – Colmar – Artzenheim – Neuf-Brisach – Colmar (3h20)

Updated on 2024-04-23
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Here is a cycling itinerary in loop to be done from Colmar, Neuf-Brisach or Kunheim. It is one of the local loops proposed by the site Alsace à vélo, the loop 617 entitled “From Bartholdi to Vauban”. Why this name? Because Colmar is the birthplace of the famous sculptor Bartholdi (the author of the Statue of Liberty) and Neuf-Brisach is a masterpiece of Vauban, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.This itinerary is an easy bike ride (it’s totally flat) of about 50km near Colmar. The walk takes you to the Alsace plain. On the website Alsace à vélo, the departure is proposed from Kunheim but I did it from Colmar. It doesn’t matter where you start from because it’s a loop 😉The beginning of the route, between Colmar and Artzenheim, is very pleasant because it runs along the Colmar canal, on the towpath. It is peaceful and pleasant, we only meet other walkers and some boats. Note that there is a lovely little café/restaurant in Artzenheim, right on the canal: La Coccinelle. It’s been two times that I’ve passed by and it’s absolutely not time to eat but I regret it, it looks very nice! So, I give you the info anyway 😉Between Artzenheim and Neuf-Brisach, change of atmosphere: we are here in the heart of the plain of Alsaceand the course passes by small roads bordered by corn fields as well as some villages. One has regularly a pretty sight on the Vosges in the distance. Then comes Neuf-Brisach, which is worth a stop for its impressive fortifications even if it remains a city that I do not adore: it cruelly lacks life.From Neuf-Brisach to Colmar, we pass again at the beginning on small roads then there are large portions on a rather busy departmental road: it is thus not very pleasant, except a small passage in the superb forest of Neuland. We enter then in Colmar and we pass by the city center, what is always very pleasant even if it will undoubtedly be necessary to put a little foot on the ground.As far as the marking is concerned, nothing to say until Neuf-Brisach, the marking is very well done. Then, on the other hand, it’s quite catastrophic: I took the wrong road several times because I didn’t see any sign. I really recommend that you download the GPS track and follow it, so you can be sure you’re on the right road! 😉
  • Easy and pleasant walk
  • Follow the canal and cross the small villages
  • Pass through Neuf-Brisach and downtown Colmar
  • A lot of roads though
  • Beaconing between Neuf-Brisach and Colmar

My pictures of the bike ride Colmar – Artzenheim – Neuf-Brisach