The 3 rocks hike in La Petite Pierre (3h)

Updated on 2024-04-23

The circuit of the 3 rocks is one of the classic hikes of La Petite Pierre, not to say unavoidable! This hike in Alsace allows you to discover the typical sandstone rocks of the Northern Vosges passing by the rocks of the Raven, the Païens and the White Rock.

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La Petite Pierre, in the heart of the Vosges du Nord Regional Nature Park

La Petite Pierre. I had already been there to discover this pretty little town and to explore some places around, but I had never hiked there. I knew I would not be disappointed… the Vosges du Nord Regional Nature Park is magnificent and seduces me every time! It did not fail, the hike of the 3 rocks is really splendid, while not presenting any particular difficulty. A godsend for those who like to walk a few hours but are not necessarily great hikers either…

From the start of the 3 Rocks trail to the Rocher du Corbeau

The hike starts in front of theTourist Office of La Petite Pierre, where there is a large parking lot (often full in season by the way, many are the lovers of La Petite Pierre, for its hikes as well as for its hotels-restaurants!)

It starts out gently through the forest, offering a nice view of the houses of La Petite Pierre below… It looks good! We quickly reach the first sandstone rock, the Rocher du Corbeau, which immediately sets the tone: the view on the surroundings is panoramic and magnificent!

On the way to the Rock of the Pagans

Then, let’s go for the descent… To go up again, of course! The descent is pleasant and leads down to beautiful ponds before going up, this time towards the Rocher des Païens. Prepare to be amazed, beautiful and huge sandstone rocks are waiting for you, it’s almost like being in the American West 😛

Last step, the White Rock

The walk then continues through the magnificent Vosges forest until you reach the Rocher Blanc. Shortly before the Rocher Blanc, pay attention to the signposting which is not very clear in my opinion (and after having discussed it with others, I am not the only one to say so!). At a given moment is indicated an area of picnic towards the left, way that one tends to follow because the panel is marked bench and yellow, which is the marking that one follows at this moment… But it is not there! When you are at this place, you have to go down via a small path on the right. It seems quite clear once you get to the other direction, much less so in the direction of the ride!

That being said, the path to the picnic area is nice, with a beautiful rock (yes, I tested it for you… I got a little lost!) and it can be worth going up there for a break, especially since the picnic tables are welcoming (some are even sheltered).

The Rocher Blanc also offers a spectacular view: we are above the treetops and La Petite Pierre is in front of us! At this stage, it seems far to go back there but we are in reality only a few kilometers away 😉

Stroll in La Petite Pierre

Once back in La Petite Pierre, you can take a look at the beautiful House of Pagans (and check out Les Ateliers de la Forêt, which has some great leather goods) and, of course, the old city and the Castle ! This one is not visited for the moment but it is possible to make the tower of the rampartsThis makes for a nice 25 minute walk. Finally, why not sit down at one of the restaurant terraces, some of which offer beautiful panoramic views… They really make you want to!

  • Superb trip
  • Impressive sandstone rocks
  • Beautiful views
  • Accessible level
  • Signage not always very clear

My photos of the 3 rocks circuit in La Petite Pierre