Walks and hikes in Alsace – Our 25 walking ideas


Are you looking for ideas for walks in Alsace? There's plenty to choose from... To guide you, we've put together a selection of fun walks in Alsace: from family outings to challenging hikes in the Vosges and from the north to the south of Alsace, here are several ideas for loop walks, all tried and tested as always!

Laurène is the blog's creator. Originally from Brittany but now living in Alsace, she has fallen in love with her adopted region and loves exploring its every nook and cranny to unearth great ideas to share with you!

These walks and hikes are listed in ascending order of distance. However, remember to also take into account the difference in altitude (which we also indicate), it is the combination of the distance and the difference in altitude that determines the ease or difficulty of a walk. To help you find your way around, hiking applications exist and are very practical!

Map of our hiking ideas

1. Woodcutter’s trail in Grendelbruch


The Sentier des Bûcherons de Grendelbruch is a very short walk, particularly suitable for families. It’s a fun and well-maintained trail, with lovely views over the Bruche Valley.

2. Grand Ballon panoramic tour


The Grand Ballon is the highest peak in Alsace, but don’t worry, you can have a nice walk there! The panoramic tour of the Grand Ballon is a nice walk, short but climbing quite a bit and offers beautiful panoramic views!

3. Cascade du Nideck


The Nideck waterfall in Oberhaslach is one of the most famous places for walks in Alsace. It must be said that the place is pleasant: the waterfall is impressive and provides a pleasant coolness in the beautiful days! You can do the classic short circuit or opt for a longer hike, because the surroundings are full of beautiful hiking trails!

4. Michelbach dam


The tour of the Aspach-Michelbach lake is a nice walk which allows you to discover, among other things, the dam of the village. In addition, it is enough to go around the water, impossible to get lost! All along the route, there are explanatory panels to discover the fauna and flora and there is even an observatory where you can climb to observe the birds. We pass by some pretty meadows and have a fine view of the mountains in the distance…

5. Col d’Urbeis baby carriage trail


It’s not always easy to find an idea for a stroller-friendly walk… Fortunately, there are stroller trails, including the one at the Col d’Urbeis, for example! A nice easy walk in the forest, ideal with a child and pleasant for parents who can enjoy the beauty of the landscapes and views.

6. Walk to the Hohwald waterfall


This is a nice walk that can be suitable even for little ones since it is possible to take a “special little one” option by walking only 2km round trip… which does not prevent from enjoying the beauty of the landscapes and especially the superb Hohwald waterfall! You can also make the more classic walk, a beautiful loop of 6km.

7. North Pagan Wall hike to Mont Ste Odile


A mysterious old wall with moss-covered stones, impressive castle ruins, a magnificent view of the Alsace plain, animal sculptures to be found along the way… The path of the northern pagan wall, around the Mont Saint-Odile is really one of my favorite walks!

8. Schnaps hike in the Black Forest


How about a visit to our German neighbors in Sasbachwalden? That’s what I’m proposing for this rather unusual hike, since it’s a schnapps hike! Yes, a whole new concept that you can discover while enjoying the superb scenery of this corner of the Black Forest.

9. Petit Ballon hike


This is an ideal route for a short day hike or to watch the sunset… It’s fast but it climbs quite a bit since the goal is to reach the Petit Ballon and to have a picnic there before going down quietly. The view is magnificent!

10. Le Bollenberg


Situated above the village of Orschwihr in the heart of the vineyards, this beautiful and mysterious Bollenberg hill is full of charm. In spring or autumn, it offers an ideal spot for walking or hiking with the family with its small slopes and gentle vineyard landscapes.

11. Guirbaden Castle walk


Here is a nice easy hike that will lead you to the discovery of the largest castle in Alsace, the castle of Guirbaden, located in Mollkirch in the Bruche Valley. It’s really impressive and the walk also offers some nice gaps in the forest to admire the view!

12. Excursion to Wangenbourg and Freudeneck castles


Here is a nice idea for an easy hike in a part of Alsace nicknamed“The Little Switzerland of Alsace” because of its wooded and hilly landscapes. The route allows you to walk in the forest, to discover two beautiful castles, to have a beautiful view from the tower of the castle of Wangenbourg, and to observe beautiful blocks of pink sandstone typical of the Northern Vosges. A nice program, isn’t it?

13. Hiking around Mont Saint-Michel


Here is a nice and easy hike to do starting from an unusual place: the Alsatian Mont Saint-Michel , an energetic place from which you have a magnificent panorama on Saverne and its surroundings. This hike follows the route of the archaeological circuit, which is really pleasant: forest, beautiful panoramas and archaeological remains are on the program!

14. Hike to the Julius Tower


Do you like a bit of a climb? Just the thing: this hike to the Tour Julius, high above Le Climont, might just warm up your calves a bit! It’s well worth the effort, given the landscapes and panoramas that await you…

15. 3 Rochers hike at La Petite Pierre


Want to get away from it all while staying in Alsace? I propose you the hike of the 3 rocks in La Petite Pierre, which will make you discover impressive rocks in pink sandstone of Vosges. There is a little air of Colorado, it is exotic!

16. Sentier des Roches, one of the most beautiful in Alsace


The Sentier des Roches is without doubt the most famous hike in Alsace. It is reserved for experienced hikers because of the narrow and aerial passages and should never be undertaken in rainy weather because of the (very) slippery rocks. All these elements are to be taken into account but it is a sublime hike in Alsace!

17. Raemelsberg hike in the Alsatian Jura


This is probably one of my favorite hikes, because of the beauty of the landscapes but also because it is quite different from the ones you can do in general in the rest of Alsace. It takes us to the south of Alsace, to discover the panoramas of the Alsatian and Swiss Jura. Very beautiful points of view since we walk on the ridge line, and even a small incursion on the Swiss side to get a change of scenery 😉

18. Randonnée des 3 lacs, a Vosges classic


The 3 lakes hike is a must for any hike in the Vosges: it is a magnificent hike passing by the White, Black and Trout lakes (of Forlet). There is a little bit of difference in altitude but not too much, so it is accessible while offering magnificent views: a great program, isn’t it?

19. Hike to Hohneck


Flowery meadows, shady forests, winding and steep paths, a magnificent panorama of the Vosges… This is the program of this hike to the Hohneck! This hike, which passes by the natural reserve of Frankenthal-Missheimle, will enchant you with the diversity of the crossed landscapes… And its sporting side!

20. Hiking in the Pays de Bitche in Moselle


For this hike, we leave Alsace to go to our neighbors from Lorraine. The Pays de Bitche is really located at the border with Alsace and is sometimes called the“Colorado of Lorraine” because of its magnificent red rocks. The hike around the castles of Falkenstein and Waldeck allows you to admire them…

21. Donon hike


The Donon is the highest point of the Basses-Vosges. It is located in the Bruche Valley, southwest of Strasbourg. It is known to be a high energy place and has long had a sacred character. This hike allows you to take advantage of the beauty of the place and its magnificent panoramic view at the top over Alsace on one side and Lorraine on the other.

22. Hike to Hohbühl in Grendelbruch


This is one of my favorite hikes that I do very often, and for good reason: it starts right next to my Gîte Mon escapade in Grendelbruch, between Obernai and the Bruche Valley. I really like the variety of this hike, which mixes forest passages with more open views over stubble fields. A favorite!

23. Bernstein, Ramstein and Ortenbourg castle hikes


This is a hike that will suit lovers of sporty hiking who like to make beautiful discoveries along the way. A beautiful walk with three castles awaits you on this route: the ruins of the castles of Bernstein, Ramstein and Ortenbourg punctuate this beautiful loop, we love it!

24. Rocher de Mutzig hike


This is a superb sporty hike in the Bruche Valley, easily accessible from Strasbourg. The program includes a visit to the Porte de Pierre, an astonishing monolith of pink sandstone, and a magnificent panorama of the valley and Vosges peaks from the Rocher de Mutzig. You won’t regret the climb, I promise!

25. Hiking around Dabo


For this hike, I’d like to take you to our neighbors in Lorraine: Dabo is located in Moselle, right on the border with Alsace, and I think it’s a wonderful place to go for a walk! This hike will give you an excellent overview, and you can take the opportunity to see the curious Dabo rock on the way.