Grendelbruch – Hohbuhl and Piton du Falkenstein hike

Updated on 2024-04-23

Looking for a great hike in Grendelbruch? This is my favorite hike, the one I often walk or run whenever I get to my Mon escapade cottage. It's simple, I love it! We're in Alsace, but we're enjoying the landscapes of the Massif des Vosges, with beautiful stretches of forest and stubble. One of the highlights of this hike is the diversity of the landscapes it crosses. It's also a hike I enjoy all year round. In autumn, I have to say that it's particularly beautiful with the autumnal colors both on the leaves of the trees and on the stubble, but I love it in all seasons (under the snow too!).

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14km and 370 metres of ascent await you as you tour the Massif du HohbĂźhl and see the Piton du Falkenstein. I really like this level of hiking: it’s a nice walk, you have time to enjoy it, but at the same time it’s not too long and it’s not difficult. A good compromise for a lot of people, I think! If you’re looking for a family outing in the area, take a look at the Sentier du Pays des BĂťcherons in Grendelbruch.

In the forest around the Massif du Hohbuhl

This loop hike departs from the Grendelbruch military cemetery parking lot, or from the dirt parking lot at the junction of impasse Schwarzbachthal and impasse du Muckenbach (not far down the road towards Muckenbach). From the dirt parking lot, follow the yellow rectangle markers into the forest, then enjoy a lovely balcony view over the Bruche Valley and its pretty peaks, before returning to the Vosges forest as far asMullerplatz. We’re here in a zone of silence, a stream is flowing and we feel directly disconnected in the middle of all these trees, it feels good!

We then climb up to Kohlplatz and the Col de Franzluhr, following the yellow cross, then the blue cross and the red rectangle with white stripes. I advise you to pick up the latter as soon as you see it, staying on the higher path (at one point, the markings are the same for the higher and lower paths). Here again, there are some balcony sections with lovely views (this time we went to the other side of the massif) and still some beautiful forest sections. As we go along, we catch a glimpse of the little village of Grendelbruch, nestled in the mountains between the trees: just adorable!

On the stubble fields of Grendelbruch

Arriving at the Chalet du Ski Club, we leave the forest and the landscape changes completely: we’re on the Grendelbruch stubble fields, there are meadows with cows and horses, a few trees, but the landscape is now completely open, offering a magnificent panorama of the surrounding area. We pass by the Cercle de Pierres, large granite boulders forming a circle, before climbing up to reach the Signal du Hohbuhl via the stubble fields. The signal is a great place to take a picnic break (on the day I took the photos for this article, I had with me a delicious basket prepared by La Cignogne en Vrac and a Ropfkueche, an Alsatian specialty from the Rohmer bakery in Rosheim). But the Hohbuhl is also renowned for kite flying thanks to its exposed location and, in winter, is also a well-known spot for tobogganing. Take the time to stop and admire the 360-degree view – it’s worth it! On a clear day, you can even see Strasbourg Cathedral in the distance… Crazy, right?

Option: the Falkenstein peak

Then it’s a leisurely descent, still over thatch, to the dirt parking lot. You can stop there, but if you’re still in shape, I’d recommend continuing on to the Piton du Falkenstein and back! It’s a really gentle climb, so you won’t need much energy, but the view is really nice! The Piton du Falkenstein is a large rocky outcrop with an impressive view over the Bruche Valley.

  • Between forest and thatch
  • Beautiful panoramas
  • Great beauty/difficulty ratio 😉
  • Nothing!

My photos of the hike to HohbĂźhl and Piton du Falkenstein