Three Lakes Hike – A collection of beautiful landscapes

By Léa
Updated on 2024-04-23

If you feel like flirting with the Vosges peaks while passing through beautiful and varied landscapes, I found a perfect hike in Alsace. The three lakes hikeon the heights ofOrbey.This is an 11km loop, with little difference in altitude (about 500m) and rather accessible (even if it climbs a little!). It is a rather classical hike in the Vosges, but it is really worth it!

As a journalist in real life, and a blogger for pleasure, Léa has always enjoyed tracking down little-known gourmet addresses, unusual activities, off-the-beaten-track hikes and places with history and soul... And Alsace is full of them!

As its name indicates, it passes by the Black Lake, the White Lake and the Trout Lake (also called Lake of Forlet), that is to say approximately 5 hours of walk including the lunch break and many stops to admire the landscape!

From Black Lake to White Lake

The departure is from the parking of the Black Lake. Go up a little the road you took at the beginning of the trip and turn left on the Cornelius trail (yellow rectangle). You will go into a charming little path in the shade of the trees which will quickly lead you to the Lac Blanc.

From there, follow the road for a few hundred meters and then go down to the lake shore following the Freppel trail (red circle). On this portion, be careful in the spring: many toads are looking for a partner to mate, even in the middle of the path 🙂

Be careful to follow the path when going down: if you go up following the red circle, you will reach the Hans Rock and its famous virgin perched on top of a rock: it can be worth it because you will have from this place the most beautiful view on the Lac Blanc, but it makes a detour because you will have to go there and back (and that it climbs well!)… or give up part of the walk because, from there, it is possible to join directly the Hautes Chaumes.

Walking on the ridges

The ascent to the ridge begins shortly after, following the yellow rectangle markings and then the GR 5 on your left. All you have to do is enjoy the view over White Lake and the Orbey valley. The hike continues on the ridge until you pass the Lac Blanc. Then take the direction of the Gazon du Faing. You will then reach a grassy plateau, the Hautes Chaumes, with a beautiful view of the Vosges.

Continue to follow the direction “Gazon du Faing” on a long straight line that leads to another magnificent viewpoint, on the Lac des Truites and on the Alsatian and Lorraine Vosges on one side.

From White Lake to Trout Lake

To reach the lake of the Trout, it is enough to go down by following the indications or the red triangle marking. I recommend a break in the hollow of this small valley: between the flowers, the streams and the lake, it is a charming and bucolic green bubble. The auberge du Forlet will provide you with food and drinks if needed (it’s good and the prices are very affordable), but remember to check its opening periods!

From Trout Lake to Black Lake

Walk around the lake (red triangle markers), cross the dam and then the Forêt domaniale des Deux Lacs (red circle markers). Stone paths, root crossings and grassy paths will follow one another, always in beautiful landscapes. To return to Black Lake, take the red and white rectangle trail. To end this walk in beauty, the Black Lake Inn is waiting for you to have a drink or a bite to eat (there are good homemade pies!).

  • The beautiful viewpoints
  • The varied landscapes
  • The two hostels on the route
  • The noise of the motorcycles :/

My photos of the 3 Lakes Walk in Alsace