The Hohwald waterfall – An idea for a family outing

By Vivine
Updated on 2024-04-23

Nestled in the forest and easily accessible (halfway between Strasbourg and Colmar), Hohwald is an ideal stopover for city dwellers in need of greenery... and this has probably been the case for more than a century, as the village smells like a Belle Epoque resort, in its past glory! No doubt, whether you are looking for a nice hike or a short family walk, you will find what you are looking for in Hohwald.

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Discovering the Hohwald waterfall (Andlau waterfall)

The Hohwald waterfall, also called the Andlau waterfall or the Kreuzweg waterfall, is less known than the famous Nideck waterfall, but it is also very beautiful. It’s on a beautiful sunny winter Sunday that I go for a breath of fresh air – proof if any were needed that this area is pleasant in any season – towards the Hohwald waterfall, at 700 meters of altitude.

The waterfall is indeed accessible all year round (you just have to equip yourself according to the weather!) and each season has its attractions: magnificent gradation of colors of the landscape in autumn, frozen waterfall and white mantle of the surrounding vegetation in winter, coolness of the waterfall in good weather (very pleasant to take refuge in case of strong heat!)… It’s a great place for a walk in any season!

The waterfall is less impressive than at the Nideck but the waterfall remains superb because of the natural beauty of the place and the nice noise of the water, a real pleasure for the ears. Moreover, the surrounding environment is pleasant and nicely arranged (bench, footbridge, picnic platform). After having grabbed sticks and rocks, lifted leaves and mushrooms, the descent is very easy, especially when the stomach cries out for food!

Which hiking route? Where to park?

For the choice of the route, 2 possibilities are offered to you:

  • or thehike option by parking at the Square Kuntz in the village of Hohwald and taking a 1h30 loop walk(detailed hike sheet here)
  • or the “special small feet” option by parking on a parking lot at the exit of the village in the direction of the Kreuzweg pass (follow the sign “cascade” until you reach the small parking lot). There, nothing very complicated, a small pedestrian path of 800 meters marked out red circle, with 250 meters of unevenness, will put you at the foot of the waterfall of Hohwald.

No matter which option you choose, remember to bring a good pair of shoes, there is a slope and the ground can be very slippery due to the humidity!

Lunch in a farm inn in Hohwald

For the farm inn enthusiastsDo as we did: back at the parking lot, don’t touch your car, walk towards the houses in front of you, turn left immediately and you will see the farmhouse Lindenhof that awaits you, thanks to your prior reservation (because there is not much room!). I am particularly attached to these places of restoration which accomodate you as you are, in all simplicity of the discussion to the plate.

As we approached, the gate was immediately opened to greet cows, pigs, horses, rabbits and chickens: a paradise for small urbanites ! Then in the plate, the selection of dishes is certainly limited but to better appreciate the freshness; the fleischnakas are delicious and I did not fail to leave with a piece of tomme, to remember this beautiful day during the week!

My photos of the walk to the waterfall of Hohwald in Alsace

  • the natural tranquility of the place
  • the two options of walks
  • This village has the assets to benefit from more animations