The (many!) museums of Mulhouse

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You often start visiting Mulhouse by going in one of its museums. There are many museums in Mulhouse on different themes. The industrial history of the town is shown, as well as fine arts or science. You’ll find something for every taste and for everyone! 

This article will be regularly updated with my new visits, as I haven’t visited all of them yet!

Cité de l’Automobile of Mulhouse – Collection Schlumpf


The Cité de l’Automobile is THE museum not to be missed for all car lovers… but not only! I have to admit, I also enjoyed it! And I’m really not a car lover.

The Cité de l’Automobile of Mulhouse, hosts the vast collection Schlumpf and is the biggest automobile museum in the world. You can actually see cars as far as your eyes can see… Walking in the alleys, you’ll slowly go back in times, admiring the different models.

I didn’t look at all the cars in details, but I found the audioguide very interesting. Many activities proposed are quite amusing (starting a car with a handle, experimenting a barrel roll in a car…). I promise, it’s worth a visit!

I liked

  • The audioguide included in the entrance ticket, offering interesting and amusing explanations (yay for anecdotes!) about cars and the times when they were created
  • The place in itself is very beautiful!
  • The activities offered, making the visit a bit more playful
  • The play room for children is quite nice!

I liked a little less

  • It’s a lot of cars and I haven’t observed them all in details

Practical information


You’ll find here the prices of the Cité de l’Automobile.

Opening times and access

You’ll find here the opening times and information on how to get to the Cité de l’Automobile.

Large free parking


There are various playful activities organized regularly during the day. This way, you can learn how to start a car with a handle (it’s not easy!) or experiment barrel rolls in a car (ouch!). At 11 am and 3 pm during weekends and bank holidays from April to September, you can enjoy the show “En Piste!” to see different cars. I haven’t seen it, but it seems pretty cool from the video I’ve seen!

Feeling peckish?

The museum has a restaurant,  a coffee shop and a cafeteria. I haven’t tried them


Museum of printed textiles


Mulhouse has a very rich industrial past, including in the field of textile industry. The Museum of printed textiles dives into this side of history.

You’ll learn about the (hectic!) beginnings of textile printing, admire old machines and beautiful fabrics.

Besides textile printing, you’ll learn a lot about the history of Mulhouse, to better understand today’s town.

The Museum of printed textiles also offer all year long beautiful temporary exhibitions: don’t hesitate to go have a look!

I liked

  • The beautiful fabrics on exhibit
  • Explanations about textile printing techniques
  • Leanring more about the history of Mulhouse, mainly thanks to a very well-done movie on the first floor

I liked a little less

  • Technical explanations were sometimes a bit too…. technical!
  • Not very playful

Practical information

Prices and opening times

You’ll find here the prices and opening times of the Museum of printed textiles of Mulhouse.

The Museum of printed textiles is located in the town center of Mulhouse.


The museum of printed textiles organizes workshops and training courses. Please contact the museum for more information.

Feeling peckish?

The Museum has a small coffee-shop. I haven’t tried it.


Cité du Train – Railroad Museum

cite du train-parcours-spectacle

The Cité du Train is the biggest railroad museum in Europe. Train-lovers, this museum should be perfect for you! For others, I’m a bit more reserved.

The museum has a very impressive collection of trains and it’s really interesting to admire them. However, I found that it was missing some explanations.

The first room is built like a cinema set (quite lively museography), but I found the second one (showing the evolution of trains since 1844) a bit boring.

For children, there is a small playroom. It’s quite relaxing for parents too!

I liked

  • Splendid collection of trains from all periods
  • The room “Parcours spectacle” and its museography
  • Audioguide included in the entrance price

I liked a little less

  • The room “Quais de l’Histoire”: the explanations of the audioguide are too descriptive and detailed. They don’t have that many anecdotes or popularized explanations. The same goes for signs about trains, that are really technical.
  • The outside section “Panorama ferroviaire”: no explanation at all either.

Practical information


You’ll find here all the prices if the Cité du Train.

Opening times and access

You’ll find here the opening times and access information of the Cité du Train.

Large free parking.


Children can ride on a very small train, but it wasn’t working the day I went. It seems that there is one for adults as well, but I haven’t seen it!

Feeling peckish?

The museum has a restaurant called “Le Mistral”. I haven’t tried it, but the setting is quite nice.


Museum EDF Electropolis


The Museum EDF Electropolis is a museum entirely dedicated to electricity. You will discover there the history of electricity and its different uses… a good way to remember, if need be, how important electricity has become in our daily lives!

The subject is not simple, but the museum is quite lively and it is therefore quite nice to discover, including with children. There are several nice models, objects and activities. For example, the electrostatic theater, where you’ll have your hair standing on your head!

I liked

  • Diving into the history of something I use daily
  • Quite playful museum

I liked a little less

  • The explanations about the early stages of electricity are sometimes a bit complicated. It’s not always easy to popularize them!

Practical information

Prices and opening times

You will find here the prices and opening times of the Museum EDF Electropolis.

Large free parking


Two activities organized every day: the electrostatic theater and a multimedia show. Check for times here.


The Ecomuseum of Alsace


The Ecomuseum of Alsace is my favorite museum. It is a great and fun way to discover Alsatian culture.

It is not located in Mulhouse, but not very far, only 20 minutes away by car. 

To know more, please have a look at the exhaustive article I wrote about the Ecomuseum of Alsace.

Wesserling park and textile ecomuseum


Wesserling park and its textile ecomuseum are usually classified as part of Mulhouse museums. I’ll mention it here, but please note that it’s not that close to Mulhouse (40 minutes by car, 1h by public transport).

It’s a very pleasant place. For more information, please have a look at my exhaustive article about Wesserling park and the textile ecomuseum.

Rixheim Wallpaper Museum


The Wallpaper museum is not located in Mulhouse, but in Rixheim, a small neighboring town. It is located in the building of the  Zuber Wallpaper Factory, which has been in Rixheim since 1797 and is known worldwide. It is the oldest wallpaper factory that is still working. 

The museum permanent exhibition has an engine room (explanations were too brief for me), a video room showing two movies (quite old, but very interesting) and several rooms with panoramic shots (where the wall paper is decorating entire rooms). These are really the museum highlights: they are beautiful and impressive! The Wallpaper Museum also hosts temporary exhibitions, that I really enjoyed when I went there.

The Wallpaper Museum would need some renovations, but it still is interesting. I don’t see wallpaper the same way anymore!

I liked

  • Splendid panoramic shots
  • Interesting movies
  • Temporary exhibitions

I liked a little less

  • Quite old museography that would require some renovations
  • Pictures are forbidden (the picture used here: ©Mulhouse Alsace Agglomération)

Practical information

Prices and opening times

You will find here the prices and opening times of the museum.


Groups can book guided tours.

Getting here

By car

The address is as follows: 28 rue Zuber 68171 Rixheim. It is located:

  • 7 km from Mulhouse (about 15 minutes drive)
  • 42 km from Colmar (about 30 minutes drive)
  • 115 km from Strasbourg (about 1h05 drive)
By public transport

You can have a look on Vialsace.

Mulhouse Kunsthalle (Contemporary art center)

Not visited yet!

Fine Arts Museum

Not visited yet!

Historical museum of Mulhouse

Not visited yet!

La Grange à Bécanes – Rhénan Motorcycle Museum

Not visited yet!



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