Roppenheim Outlet, the factory outlet in Alsace

Updated on 2024-05-15

Roppenheim The Style Outlet is a shopping center which, as its name indicates, is an outlet and is located in Roppenheim, 50km north of Strasbourg (about 30 minutes drive), right on the border with Germany. It is a well known place for Alsatians who want to make good deals on shopping ;)

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Shopping in outlet stores

An outlet is an outlet store, which sells brand name items at reduced prices compared to regular retail prices. The products sold can be items from the past season, unsold products or items made especially for the outlets.

Roppenheim is a center of factory out lets for many major brands, where discounts are offered at a minimum of 30% off the last recommended price, but can be much higher.

A vast brand center near Strasbourg

The Roppenheim outlet center offers more than 100 stores for women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, sportswear, shoes, leather goods, home accessories, watches and jewelry…. or even chocolate (yes, the Lindt store is nice, I tested it :-P)

I have to tell you that I don’t like shopping malls in general and I’m not really a big fan of shopping, but I have to admit that I have already been to Roppenheim to do some shopping for sportswear that I needed and was happy with the discounts offered.

So if you need something, it may be worth it to go! After, if it’s just to stroll around, there are in my opinion much nicer places in Alsace than a walk in a shopping mall, eh 😉

An outdoor shopping mall

For a shopping center, Roppenheim is relatively pleasant in my opinion because it is located outside: you walk as in a small village where each house hosts a store. Having daylight instead of neon lights is pretty nice! The space has been rather nicely designed: they are small and cute buildings, there is vegetation and places to eat inside or outside and the place is very clean.

  • Nice place for a shopping center
  • Many brands
  • Interesting discounts
  • I would not go to stroll, it remains an artificial place without much charm!