Where can you buy delicious local products in Alsace?


There are more and more producer's stores and farms with a store in Alsace. As we are aware that it is not always easy to know where they are when you are a visitor, we have decided to give you our good addresses to buy local from Alsatian producers. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, but these are the places where the My weekend in Alsace team likes to go to shop!

Laurène is the blog's creator. Originally from Brittany but now living in Alsace, she has fallen in love with her adopted region and loves exploring its every nook and cranny to unearth great ideas to share with you!

Map of our favorite addresses

Check the opening hours before going there, the stores are not always open: most of them are small producers, so it is difficult to have a store open all the time!

We have not included spirits in this list, which are the subject of dedicated articles. In these articles you can see our:

Multi-product stores

Hop’la cooperative in Oberhausbergen (by Laurène)

Hop’la is a cooperative of 34 Alsatian producers. You can only find the products of these producers, who offer a nice variety: meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, flowers,… There is plenty to do and everything is of high quality!

Coeur Paysan in Colmar and Mulhouse (by Laurène)

In the same spirit as Hop’La, Coeur Paysan gathers 42 producers on 400m2… The choice is vast and allows you to do all your shopping in one place, while buying only local and quality products!

The farm island in Hirsingue (by Charlotte)

To my knowledge, it is the largest producer’s store in the Sundgau region – or even one of the largest in southern Alsace? You can find everything: vegetables, fruits, condiments, juices, wines, beers, jams, oils, cereals, meats, pasta, dairy products, pastries…as well as beauty and cleaning products such as soap, shower gel, detergent, etc.

It’s almost like a supermarket. I especially like the fact that they offer bulk products, as it’s always better to eliminate unnecessary packaging. I found some good oatmeal and I had also tested the cornflakes!

Les Champs de l’Ill in Spechbach (by Charlotte)

This is the farmer’s store I go to most often. It is smaller and therefore less stocked, but there are also choices: breads, drinks, pasta, dairy products, meats, fruits and vegetables, etc. I especially love their soups and have been testing several this winter: carrot-pastry, 7 veggies, root veggies, beet and onions – for New Year’s Eve. They are all delicious, presented in glass jars – just to warm up. In Hirsingue as well as in Spechbach, you can also find the pasta of the Cabane Ă  Farine de Dessenheim, which you must try! With very original flavors like spinach, curry, porcini mushrooms … a treat.

Les Sheds in Kingersheim (by Charlotte)

Les Sheds is the beautiful project of an association. There is not only a grocery store but also a restaurant. I haven’t tried it yet but I’ve heard great things about it! The grocery store is very nice, with fresh products, fruits, vegetables, bread, etc. But what really makes the difference in my eyes is what they offer in terms of beauty or cleaning products: solid shampoo, sanitary napkins and cloth makeup remover pads … You can find almost everything! So yes, you can’t eat it, but using this kind of product is pretty positive for the planet too!

Mountains and Lands (by LĂ©a)

Fruits and vegetables, cheeses, cold cuts, cosmetics, wines, breads, jams, herbal teas, dried fruits in bulk… This small store nestled in a small village has succeeded in offering a very nice selection of products from the Bruche Valley or the region in general. Many of them are either organic or in reasoned agriculture but always of quality.

The Mountain Cellar (by LĂ©a)

This store is the adventure of 15 farms and producers of the Valley who have joined together to make direct sales. They take turns to inform customers about their fruits and vegetables, delicatessen, fish, sweets, dairy products, flowers… There are even handcrafted decorative items and catered dishes. Many products are labeled organic.

The New Customs (by LĂ©a)

22 producers from Alsace have joined forces to open this shop, ideally located in downtown Strasbourg. On the shelves: wines, fruit juices, fruits and vegetables, honey, a very nice fresh produce section and a small bakery

Ferme Rothgerber or Ferme de Traenheim (by Vivine)

Here we enjoy fruit (apples, pears, peaches, apricots…) and a wide variety of homemade fruit juices! But the vast boutique also features a wide range of fresh produce and groceries. As an added bonus, the on-site bakery is excellent, and you can even grab a bite to eat on the spot.

Fruits and vegetables

Wolf farm in Illfurth (by Charlotte)

The Wolf farm (part of the SCEA Boetsch-Wolf) specializes in strawberries and asparagus, but they also offer other fruits and vegetables and products from other farms in their store. The must: the strawberry nectar, home made. How good it is! Dubious at first, I was offered a bottle and so I ended up tasting…and loving it!

Peter’s farm in Muttersholtz (by Laurène)

Here is a place where I stop as soon as I pass in the area: it is impossible not to love the vegetables and fruits of Peter’s Farm, which works in biodynamic agriculture and has the Demeter label.

Vierling farm in Schnersheim (by Laurène)

Here is an address near my home, in the Kochersberg, where I like to go. Régine and Jean-François Vierling work in integrated agriculture. In the store of the Vierling farm, you can find not only the fruits and vegetables of the farm, but also some products of neighboring producers. Convenient for filling up on good products!

Velten fruit farm in Schnersheim (by Laurène)

La Ferme Velten, or apple farm, is another great address in the Kochersberg (yes, there is no shortage of them, it’s an agricultural area!), where I regularly buy apple juice and other delicious fruit juices. It is possible to pick freely in September and October.

House of Sauerkraut in Meistratzheim (by Laurène)

I’ve already told you about my visit to the Maison de la Choucroute. It is also possible to simply drop by the store to buy sauerkraut, as well as some other products from other local producers.

Dairy products

Le Terroir de Marc in Illfurth (by Clémence)

This caterer is mainly specialized in cheese. They come from all over France and Europe. He also offers various sausages, wine, homemade fleischnackas, cheese bricks… During the Christmas market, you can also find him as an officer at a stand where we come at least once a year between colleagues to eat the “choucroute knepfla”. In addition to its quality products, Marc and his staff are good at giving advice and will give you a friendly and smiling welcome

Versant du Soleil farm in Hohrod (by Laurène)

A good address to buy farmhouse munster and other typical Alsatian cheeses, as well as to visit a cheese factory.

Haag Farm (by Vivine)

Follow the pink signs if you are greedy… In this store, a large place is given to farm cheeses, the window calls to rush in! The grocery section is not to be outdone with an original selection of sunny spreads and Canadian granola.

Saint-Ulrich farm in Durningen (by Laurène)

If you like good yoghurts and other dairy products, go to the Saint-Ulrich farm, in the Kochersberg: you will not be disappointed!


Meyer-Wioland farm in Spechbach (by Charlotte)

Also in Spechbach, there is the Meyer-Wioland poultry farm. My last purchase for a family meal: two large chicken pies, well filled and especially delicious. They didn’t stay on the plates for long! They have lots of different products, whole poultry, grilled meats, charcuterie, fleichschnakas, pâtĂ©s…and fricadelle that is just to die for!


Kircher Mill in Ebersheim (by Vivine)

Immerse yourself in the world of a miller, who will offer you much more than just flour! You will find everything that goes well with it, even ready-made preparations (pizzas, bredeles, …) and a nice selection of salty delicatessen.

Becker Mill in Hurtigheim (by Laurène)

Forget Francine flour, the Hurtigheim Mill is the perfect place to buy quality flour produced in Alsace! It must be said that it is located in the heart of the Kochersberg, nicknamed the granary of Alsace… The mill has been in operation since 1929 and offers a wide range of flours, some of which are organic.

Jams, honey and pastries

Christine Ferber – At the relay of the 3 ears of corn in Niedermorschwihr (by Laurène)

Here is a timeless address: the store of the famous Christine Ferber is a small village grocery store, but you can find there the fabulous pastries and jams of the world famous “jam fairy”. These are made in a workshop on site. A must if you are in the area!

Jams of Climont in Ranrupt (by Laurène)

Here are some more delicious jams produced in a workshop located in the Vosges. In addition to the store, it is possible to visit the workshop of Confitures du Climont.

Rucher des Trois Châteaux in Châtenois (by Laurène)

The Rucher des Trois Châteaux offers excellent honey from Alsace. It is possible to buy, to taste but also to visit the apiary.

Maison du Pain d’Alsace in SĂ©lestat (by Laurène)

The Maison du Pain d’Alsace in SĂ©lestat is a special place because it is both a bakery and a museum. You can find delicious Alsatian products made on the spot such as kougelhopf, bredele, pretzels,… As a bonus, you can even participate in workshops on certain days!


Lips House (by Laurène)

If you want to buy good gingerbread, go to the Lips House in Gertwiller! In addition to visiting the Lips House, you can find a wide selection of gingerbread in the pretty little store. As a bonus, you are in Gertwiller, the gingerbread capital!

Mireille Oster in Strasbourg (by Laurène)

Another great address for gingerbread is Mireille Oster’s store in Strasbourg, known as the queen of gingerbread in Alsace! It must be said that it is excellent and that the choice is vast. The store is beautiful, it’s worth a visit…


Chocolatiers of Strasbourg

We wrote an article about our favorite chocolatiers in Strasbourg.

Cabosse in Mulhouse (by Clémence)

Cabosse is the gourmet shop in Mulhouse of a former participant in the show “Qui sera le prochain grand pâtissier ?” which was broadcast on France 2. His chocolates are a delight. Why? It’s that little extra something that I can’t tell you about that tickles my taste buds more than the chocolate of other chocolatiers. Maybe some associations are a bit different? More crunch? For the different occasions of the year, Bastien Dangelser imagines original shapes that appeal to the whole family, from the Advent calendar (that’s more for the grown-ups) to eggs in the shape of a unicorn or a racing car. I admit to having a small preference for their chocolate plate pieces and particularly for the dark chocolate with whole almonds. I almost forgot to tell you about these pastries! I will long remember the “Santa’s Loop”, a log with red fruits and vanilla (and what vanilla!).

Chocolaterie du pré in Hengwiller (by Vivine)

Impossible to resist when passing in front of the stand of this chocolate factory on Wednesday at the Krutenau market and/or on Saturday at the Neudorf market. The chocolate is worked there in a raw and passionate way for an ecstasy of the papillae (special dedication to the “Luttez-lĂ ” and the raw chocolate!).