Museum and monuments
Visit of the Linge Memorial Museum – My opinion
By Jessy-Lee

The Linge Memorial Museum is a commemorative site (classified as a historical monument since 1921) retracing the history of the battle of the Linge. The Linge Memorial (like theHartmannswillerkopf) is an excellent place to visit if you’re interested in remembrance tourism and want to learn more about the Great War in Alsace, while visiting an […]

Visit of the abbey of Murbach in the Guebwiller Valley
By Vladimir

Of course, we “know” Murbach Abbey, located in the Guebwiller Valley, because everyone has seen it countless times on their Instagram feed: it’s one of Alsace’s postcards. However, beyond the beautiful photos that we can take of the place, we do not know the history of this religious temple. Shall I tell you about it? […]

Visit to the MM Park – The World War II Museum in La Wantzenau
By Thibaut

In La Wantzenau, north of Strasbourg, is one of the largest museums in Europe dedicated to the Second World War. The MM Park is even an essential stop on the tour of the Americans or the British who come to Europe in the footsteps of the conflict. The Museum is however quite unknown to the […]

Lichtenberg Castle – Our opinion on the visit
By Laurène

The Castle of Lichtenberg, located in the Bas-Rhin in the north of Alsace, at the border with the Moselle, is one of the most beautiful castles of Alsace… However, it is not so well known! If almost all visitors go to the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, the Lichtenberg Castle is more confidential. I was very surprised when […]

Visit of the “Maisons des Rochers”: troglodyte houses in Alsace
By Laurène

Have you ever heard of the Graufthal Rock Houses? I had already admired these troglodyte houses nestled at the foot of the pink sandstone cliffs from the outside one day but had not yet had the opportunity to visit them. Yes, these incredible blue houses can be visited and it is really worth it! Where […]

Visit the Château du Hohlandsbourg in Wintzenheim
By Clémence

The Hohlandsbourg castle overlooks the village of Wintzenheim, next to Colmar, on the Route des Vins. It is one of the many castles that can be found on this beautiful road on the side of the Vosges and is an ideal place to visit with children in Alsace ! To get there, you have to […]

Visit the Alsace-Moselle Memorial in Schirmeck
By Laurène

The Alsace-Moselle Memorial, located in Schirmeck in the Bruche Valley, is a museum that retraces the history of Alsace and Moselle from 1870 to the post-war period, with a particular focus on the Second World War (1939-1945). Put like that, it can seem boring but the museum is really well done and interesting. It is […]

Visit of the European Parliament in Strasbourg
By Thibaut

Strasbourg shares the title of European capital with Brussels. You can visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg to learn more about European institutions. A good idea for a cultural activity, even if it’s raining in Strasbourg. Where is the European Parliament located? The European Parliament is located in both Brussels and Strasbourg. Parliamentary sessions are […]

Brewery Meteor – Visit of the museum Villa Meteor in Hochfelden
By Laurène

The Villa Meteor is the museum of the Meteor brewery, an important company in Alsace. It is indeed the oldest brewery in France still in activity and the only industrial brewery in Alsace still independent and family-owned! It has a special place in the hearts of Alsatians: you will find Meteor beer everywhere in the […]