Electric bike ride on the Wine Route with Alsa Cyclo Tours


The Alsace Wine Route is a superb road on which every visitor to the region should take a tour. Most people drive through it. Others decide to discover it on foot. Only, one advances very slowly on foot, and one benefits less from it in car. The ideal solution? The bike! And since the Route des Vins is so hilly, you can even opt for an electric bike!

Laurène is the blog's creator. Originally from Brittany but now living in Alsace, she has fallen in love with her adopted region and loves exploring its every nook and cranny to unearth great ideas to share with you!

The ease of electric bikes

I tested an electric bike ride on the Route des Vins with Alsa Cyclo Tours, located in Eguisheim (yes, this adorable village that you must also visit!). Alsa Cyclo Tours is a small company created by a friendly team of enthusiasts, which offers classic and electric bikes for rent.

It’s still fun to pedal, and you can even pedal at a good pace, but the motor increases power, so you can really move forward more quickly. It makes all the difference when you’re going uphill! On the flat, I also found it very fun to go faster than usual. The electric bikes from Alsa Cyclo Tours are top-of-the-range: they’re light (or at least they seem light, thanks to the electric assistance…) and the battery lasts for around a hundred kilometers. There is plenty to do!

Turnkey tours

Not sure which way to go? Alsa Cyclo Tours offers a number of cycling tours along the Wine Route. The circuits are recorded on the GPS, you just have to let yourself be guided. I had opted for the Rouffach tour, a 2h tour going from Eguisheim to Rouffach on the Wine Route, offering beautiful views on the Alsace Plain and the Black Forest and passing by nice little villages like Gueberschwihr or Pfaffenheim. I really enjoyed being guided in this way, it’s very easy! I could also go at my own pace and stop to take pictures as often as I wanted.

  • The electric bike, which makes cycling accessible to all!
  • Enjoy the landscapes of the Alsace Wine Route at my own pace
  • The circuit and the GPS: just follow the route!
  • Very warm welcome
  • My GPS was a bit unblocked at first, but then it was fine!