The Alsace Wine Route by bicycle

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If you want to come to visit Alsace, I would imagine that you are thinking of going on the famous Alsace Wine Route. It’s a very good idea, but do you know that you can do it by bicycle? The Véloroute du Vignoble (Eurovélo 5) follows the Wine Route and lets you discover the vineyard differently: no noise, no pollution, facing the wind, the scents of earth and grapevines gorged on sun (or rain, depending on the forecast… but please remember that it’s very hot in summer in Alsace!). As a bonus, you can easily take a break anywhere, which is not the case by car!

The Wine Route crosses beautiful landscapes and charming villages. It is hilly, which can be disheartening for some. However, you don’t need to be an athlete to travel along it by bike: if you do a bit of sport regularly, it will be easy. Another increasingly popular option would be the electric bike. I have already wrote about my electric bike ride here, and I really enjoyed it. The electric bike makes the itinerary easily accessible to all.

It is possible to ride along the Wine Route by bike by following the Eurovélo 5, but also by only doing a section, or even by choosing one of the existing loop ride. You’ll really be able to choose a longer or shorter ride, a more or less challenging one, one adapted to children, etc. I haven’t done the whole itinerary or tried all the loops (I have “only” cycled the route from Strasbourg to Colmar), but I found the signs to be well marked, even if it’s always better to also have a map, to know in which direction to go.

The Véloroute du Vignoble doesn’t have a lot of real bicycle paths only reserved for bicycles. It’s more a mix of restricted traffic lanes (on which bicycles, as well as locals are allowed, that is mainly agricultural machinery, as well as winegrowers going to work in the vineyards) and roads (open to all). There are not many road sections, so it’s still quite pleasant!

If you want to ride along the Alsace Wine Route by bicycle, you have three options: come with your own bicycle, rent one on site or book a turnkey bike trip tour. I have already mentioned Alsace Cyclo Tour, located in Eguisheim, that rents conventional or electric bicycles. For a turnkey bike trip (everything is organised: bike rental, accommodation, the itinerary with a detailed road book supplied), I recommend the agency Le Vélo Voyageur, that I have tested and that I really liked.

I have tried the Wine Route by bicycle by cycling between Strasbourg and Colmar over the course of 3 days, which allowed me to visit splendid villages at the same time. Let’s mention for example Rosheim, Obernai, Barr, Mittelbergheim, Itterswiller, Scherwiller, Châtenois, Bergheim, Ribeauvillé, Riquewihr, Colmar… I know very well the area, but I was still amazed by the landscapes… it’s really an itinerary that I would recommend doing!

For more information, please have a look at the detailed article written on my other blog about the Alsace Wine Route by bicycle between Strasbourg and Colmar.

I liked

  • According to me, the best way to discover the Wine Route!
  • A superb route, for the landscapes and villages
  • An itinerary suitable for bicycles

I liked a little less

  • No real bicycle paths, but mostly restricted traffic lanes for bicycles and locals

My pictures of the Alsace Wine Route by bicycle


Practical information

More information

The website L’Alsace à vélo is a real goldmine to find itineraries and practical information. Please also have a look at my account about my 3 days by bicycle between Strasbourg and Colmar to know more about the Alsace Wine Route by bicycle .



Laurène est la créatrice du blog Mon week-end en Alsace. Bretonne installée en Alsace depuis 2014, elle est tombée amoureuse de sa région d'adoption au point de lui dédier un blog et d'acheter avec son mari une maison alsacienne dans un village du Kochersberg, près de Strasbourg. A pied, à vélo, sur ses chevaux ou au volant de sa Fiat 500, elle aime partir explorer les moindres recoins de l'Alsace pour dénicher de bonnes adresses à partager sur le blog.


  1. Roger Beer

    My name is Roger and my wife and I are planning to cycle from Colmar to Freiburg up to Strasburg then back to Colmar in early May 2020.
    Thank you so much for the information on your ride from Strasburg to Colmar. We plan to just ride and stop when we find a beautiful village or when we get tired as we are older cyclists. My wife is not a confident cyclist so, after many emails, I have managed to hire a tandem from LuLu bikes in Colmar.
    We live in Brisbane Australia and are really excited to visit your beautiful part of France.
    Thanks again.
    From Roger and Anne.

    • Laurène

      Hello Roger, you’re very welcome, i’m so glad that this article is helpful! Enjoy your ride with your wife in our beautiful Alsace 🙂

      • Roger Beer

        Hello again Laurene,
        I hope you don’t mind me asking for your advice but, as you may recall, my wife and I have been planning to travel to your beautiful part of the world.
        We are now concerned about the virus which apparently is prevalent in Strasbourg and spreading.
        We are more worried about the possibility of everthing being closed and that we won’t be able to fully enjoy the food and wine that the area has to offer.
        Details are hard to get in Australia and I thought that, as a local, you may have thoughts on the situation as to whether we should still come or not.
        Kind Regards,

        • Laurène

          Hello Roger,

          Your questions are normal, don’t worry 🙂 The virus is for the moment prevalent in Mulhouse (south of Alsace), not Strasbourg. Of course it is possible that it spreads in the whole region but this is not the case so far. At the moment, there are just a few touristic sites that are closed in the south of the region but otherwise everything is open. I cannot tell you wether it will still be the case in May or if it will have improved and everything will be back to normal, this is impossible to tell right now… If possible for you, I would wait a bit longer in order to take a decision: May is still a bit far and a lot can happen meanwhile. Don’t hesitate to write again to ask questions, I will be happy to answer 🙂 Kind regards, Laurène

          • Roger

            Thank you so much Laurene but we have decided to cancel our trip. The Australian Government has placed a 2 week quarantine on return to Australia and is also strongly discouraging unnecessary overseas travel. Insurance companies are not covering coronovirus claims so it has become too risky.
            We are so disappointed about missing the ride not to mention the cost. Hopefully we can try again next year which will encourage me to keep fit and on the the bike (I am rapidly approaching 70)
            Thanks again…let me know if you ever come to Queensland …maybe I can return the favour.
            Happy cycling, Take care.
            Roger and Anne

          • Laurène

            Dear Roger, I was going to send you another message, the situation has moved really quickly here and obvisously no one should come right now, it’s too risky… I really hope you’ll be able to come next year! 🙂
            Take care, Laurène

  2. Roger

    Hi Laurine,
    Just thought I’d write to say Anne and I hope you and your family are all well. I had put so much time into planning this trip and we are determined to get there next year.
    Maybe we can share a glass of wine….we are confined to our houses in Australia but sit out in our driveway every afternoon with a wine and wave to walkers.(we are allowed to walk or cycle for excercise) In a strange way it is bringing people together but unfortunately destroying the economy.
    Take care,
    Roger and Anne

    • Laurène

      Hi Roger, I am fine, thanks for asking 🙂 We are also confined, let’s hope this difficult situation won’t last for too long… Sure for the glass of wine, we’ll try to arrange that when we know when you come 🙂
      Take care, Laurène

  3. Jessica

    Hi, Laurène.

    We’re hoping to bike from Strasbourg to Gertwiller. I contacted Velhop and they don’t allow people to rent bikes to go outside of Strasbourg. Do you have a specific company you could recommend to use for one day only? I saw the website you posted about biking Alsace, but I was confused as to which companies there were.

    Thank you!

    • Laurène

      Hello Jessica, you can try Alsa Cyclo Tour. Don’t hesitate to mention you are coming on my behalf (Laurène from Mon week-end en Alsace). Hope it works, keep me posted! 🙂 Laurène

      • Jessica

        Thank you, I will take a look and be sure to mention you if we use them!

      • Jessica

        Alsa Cyclo Tour seems to be located here: 3 Rue de Pairis, 68420 Eguisheim

        Do they also have an office in Strasbourg? We would need a place to rent from in Strasbourg.

        • Laurène

          I know but they were supposed to open an office in Strasbourg too. Just ask them, they might deliver the bikes too ;(


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