What to do in RibeauvillĂ©? – My ideas of visits and good addresses


Ribeauvillé is located in the Haut-Rhin, 18km north of Colmar. Along with Eguisheim, Kaysersberg and Riquewihr, Ribeauvillé is probably one of the most famous villages on the Alsace Wine Route. Ribeauvillé is one of those villages that is not only a tourist attraction, but has also managed to retain a real sense of local life. A very nice mix that gives it a particular charm: I love coming to Ribeauvillé!

LaurĂšne is the blog's creator. Originally from Brittany but now living in Alsace, she has fallen in love with her adopted region and loves exploring its every nook and cranny to unearth great ideas to share with you!

1. Visit Ribeauvillé town center

My advice for visiting RibeauvillĂ© is relatively simple: walk around! Strolling in the Grand Rue and regularly taking the small streets perpendicular to the Grand Rue is a real pleasure as there are so many nice things to see in the historical center: colorful and flowery Alsatian half-timbered houses, nice stores, beautiful signs, sculptures at the corner of the houses… RibeauvillĂ© is a really charming medieval village. It is necessary to raise the eyes to watch the details on the facades, there are very many to admire!

During the walk, you will discover many remarkable buildingsThe town hall, dating from the 18th century, the ramparts (part of which have been preserved) and the Butchers’ Tower (the town’s former defensive tower, dating from the 13th century and raised in the 16th), the former 15th century wheat market and its beautiful Gothic porches, the Saint Gregory church and the Augustinian Convent church.

Various traditional half-timbered houses also bear witness to the rich history of the city. The most beautiful of these houses is undoubtedly the Maison des MĂ©nĂ©triers (PfifferhĂŒss), located at 14 Grand Rue, which has a unique decoration on its façade dating from 1683. It was the seat of the corporation of minstrels (musicians). Another original building to see is the Elephant Inn (located at the n°1 of the First Army Square).

2. Hiking at Les Trois ChĂąteaux

Don’t hesitate to leave the walls of this ancient fortified city to admire the vineyards and the three castles of RibeauvillĂ© (ChĂąteau du Girsberg, ChĂąteau du Haut-Ribeaupierre and ChĂąteau de Saint-Ulrich), classified as Historic Monuments.

If you have a little time in front of you and like to walk, I advise you the hike of the Three Castles of RibeauvillĂ©. It is beautiful! In fact, I recommend it even if you don’t have much time because you will quickly have a very nice view of the vineyards and the village: you can only do a very small portion, you will already enjoy a beautiful panorama typically Alsatian!

3. Relax at the Ribeauvillé spa

Ribeauvillé has a very nice spa located outside the city, in the Casino BarriÚre. To relax in the middle of a stay full of visits or if the weather is a bit sad, the spa of Ribeauvillé is a really good option!

4. Discover lots of different beers in an unusual bar

If you are a beer lover, don’t miss the Bar Saint-Ulrich, a very nice little bar offering a huge choice of beers… Discoveries and conviviality at the rendez-vous!

5. Taste some of the best cordon bleu in Alsace

Want to taste a good Alsatian specialty? The cordon bleu in Alsace is sacred… And one of the best and most generous is served in RibeauvillĂ©, at the Restaurant Aux Trois ChĂąteaux. Notice to amateurs, you will enjoy it! 😉

6. Visit a winemaker and taste wine in a cellar

Ribeauvillé being located on the Alsace Wine Route, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it to visit a winegrower and taste some Alsace wine. In Ribeauvillé, I advise you to book a tasting at the Domaine Bott FrÚres, where you will be very well received and will be able to taste wines of great quality.

7. Fill up on chocolate at Daniel Stoffel

The Daniel Stoffel chocolate factory, a family-owned Alsatian chocolate factory, is located in Ribeauvillé: you can go there to stock up on chocolates, but also participate in numerous workshops on the theme of chocolate. Yummy!

8. Buy linens from Beauvillé

The factory of Beauvillé, the famous brand of household linen, is located in Ribeauvillé. High quality products are made on site and you can visit the factory store for great deals. Ideal to bring back a nice souvenir from Alsace or as a gift idea!

9. Discover RibeauvillĂ©’s best addresses

Where to sleep in Ribeauvillé?

Looking for a place to live? Here is my selection of hotels in Ribeauvillé.

Where to eat in Ribeauvillé

I haven’t tried many restaurants in RibeauvillĂ©, but theAuberge Au Zahnacker is a great place to try Alsatian cuisine!

Where can you enjoy good pastries?

Here is a very important subject: pastries 😉 Here are two addresses that I can recommend to you:

10. Visit the Ribeauvillé Christmas market

The Christmas market of Ribeauvillé is very famous in Alsace because it is original: it is a medieval Christmas market really superbly organized and I can only recommend it to you!

11. Attend Alsace’s oldest festival, the Pfifferdaj

The Pfifferdaj (FĂȘte des MĂ©nĂ©triers) is, with the Christmas market, the biggest annual event in RibeauvillĂ©. This festival celebrating the brotherhood of the MĂ©nĂ©triers dates from 1481, which makes it the oldest festival in Alsace! Every first Sunday of September, the appointment is unmissable for all the associations of the city as well as for many Alsatians. It must be said that the festival is superb, with parades of floats and bands whose theme (always medieval) varies over the years. A very nice event!

  • Beautiful Alsatian village
  • Location in the heart of the vineyard
  • Superb panorama at the beginning of the Three Castles walk
  • Tourist village but where there is still a real local life!
  • Of course, not all stores are of equal quality