Visit Rosheim, village of the Wine Route and Romanesque Route


Rosheim is a pretty village located on the Alsace Wine Route, not far from Obernai, at the foot of the Mont Sainte-Odile. I have already talked about Rosheim several times: for its amazing Venetian carnival, for its green way to Saint-Nabor but also for its Christmas market.

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Rosheim, a village with a rich architecture

Rosheim is not usually the most known village for tourists, but it is nevertheless interesting to visit. For its architecture, already, because Rosheim has interesting Romanesque buildings. The church of Saints Peter and Paul of Rosheim, made of yellow sandstone, dates from the 12th century. It is a marvel of Romanesque art, which constitutes the most complete and homogeneous example of Alsatian Romanesque art. Do not hesitate to observe its details, both inside and outside. There are for example interesting sculptures and beautiful capitals. Rosheim also has the Maison Romane (also called Maison des PaĂŻens), which also dates from the 12th century and is the oldest stone building in Alsace.

Along with the Saints-Pierre-et-Paul church, my favorite place in Rosheim is without a doubt the ensemble formed by the town hall, the Clock Tower (Rosheim has several beautiful gateways into the city, this is one of them) and the six-bucket well. I can’t help but photograph this place every time!

Gourmet specialty to try

Don’t forget to taste the Ropfkueche, the Rosheim brioche, which is a speciality of the city. It is a brioche covered with a mixture of nuts, cinnamon and cream. A little delight!

Things to do around Rosheim

If you are looking for a village far from the crowd to visit, Rosheim is a good idea. You will be in a quiet place and will find shops that are not especially dedicated to tourists. The city center of Rosheim is very small, but it is worthwhile to stop there, for example in combination with the visit of Obernai, the Mount Sainte-Odile, Boersch (the village is beautiful and you can go to the Leonard’s Park or Spindler marquetry) or Ottrott. Another option is to extend the discovery of the area with a bike ride on the greenway from Rosheim to Saint-Nabor.

My good addresses in Rosheim

  • Pretty village far from the tourist frenzy
  • Romanesque buildings
  • Location on the magnificent Route des Vins
  • It’s small: don’t just visit Rosheim, but combine it with another visit or a bike ride!