Green way from Rosheim to Saint-Nabor РPortes Bonheur, le Chemin des Carri̬res

Updated on 2024-05-16

The greenway from Rosheim to Saint-Nabor is a cycle path linking the two towns, following the route of theold railroad line. It has been named "Portes Bonheur, le Chemin des Carrières" in homage to the past. The railroad line was initially installed at the beginning of the 20th century in order to evacuate the stones extracted from the quarries of Saint-Nabor towards the plain of Alsace.

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Route of the Voie Verte from Rosheim to Saint-Nabor in Alsace

The greenway from Rosheim to Saint-Nabor is 11 km long (22 km if you do the round trip) and has good assets. This is a really nice route to walk! To situate Rosheim, it is a village located on the Alsace Wine Route, not far fromObernai and Mont Sainte-Odile and only 20 minutes from Strasbourg.

We ride on the Chemin des Carrières all the way on a clean bike path, with only regular crossings with the road. The very beginning of the greenway passes through residential areas of Rosheim but then you quickly find yourself in the middle of nature, wandering between the trees while observing the varied landscapes which offer themselves to us: hills of the Vosges Piedmont, vineyards, cultivated fields, meadows, orchards, villages… We pedal in the middle of a mosaic of natural landscapes! It’s really pretty and you suddenly feel a bit cut off from the world!

The green way from Rosheim has an ascending profile: at first there is a slight false flat up to Ottrott (nothing really bad). Between Ottrott and Saint-Nabor, however, it climbs steeply: you will have to be patient and grind, or put your foot down, or even have an electric bike. I reassure you, it is not so long and the reward is worth it! When you arrive, you can climb up to a lookout point to get a panoramic view of the surroundings.

After that, all that remains is to make the return trip to Rosheim, which, as you will have understood, will go downhill all the way this time. Easy 🙂

Developments along Chemin des Carrières

The greenway from Rosheim to Saint-Nabor is not just another bicycle path. Several amenities add a “little extra touch” 😉

First of all, the imposing metal sculptures, designed by the Norwegian architectural firm Reiulf Ramstad, echo the industrial past of the place. Beautiful and spectacular works of contemporary art to admire along the way!

In the same vein, unusual elements reminiscent of the old railroad, such as railroad ties or an old scale, have been installed. There are also spaces here and there where you can take a break and admire the view. Finally, cyclists will appreciate finding tools along the route to refill their bikes and make minor repairs. This can always be useful!

Of course, I can’t forget to mention the final lookout, beautifully sculpted and offering a magnificent view! It allows you to see from above the whole route you have just covered (and to have fun trying to recognize the villages, not so easy!)

A little break in an Alsatian village?

Another element that I liked on this itinerary is the possibility to stop on the way to discover villages: Rosheim, starting and ending point, but also the park of the Léonardsau, Boersch or Ottrott. These are all beautiful places that are worth going out of your way to see, it doesn’t take much extra time but it is well worth it! As a bonus, you can even plan a wine tasting along the way… Go for example to the Domaine Fritz Schmitt to taste the famous Rouge d’Ottrott (yes, we also make red wine in Alsace!).

Renting of VAE

If you don’t have a bicycle, you can rent electrically assisted bicycles at theTourist Office of Mont Sainte-Odile in Rosheim or Ottrott. It is convenient because it will only be a few hundred meters to reach the beginning of the greenway, which is located in front of the sports complex of Neuland.

  • Well-developed bicycle path
  • Variety of landscapes
  • Sculptures along the way and final viewpoint with panoramic view
  • Going back and forth, I prefer loops 😛