Visit to the Monkey Mountain

Updated on 2024-05-13

The Montagne des Singes in Kintzheim, Alsace, is a wildlife park with over 200 free-ranging Barbary macaques. A great classic of activities to do with children in Alsace! As an adult, I thought I'd stop by quickly, just to see if the place was nice, and to take some pictures. Yes, but it's also great fun as an adult... I've already been there several times and fall under the spell every time!

Laurène is the blog's creator. Originally from Brittany but now living in Alsace, she has fallen in love with her adopted region and loves exploring its every nook and cranny to unearth great ideas to share with you!

Where is the Monkey Mountain?

The Monkey Mountain is located in Kintzheim on the Alsace Wine Route, near Selestat in the Bas-Rhin. Be careful not to confuse with Kientzheim which is in the Haut-Rhin.

How long does it take to visit Monkey Mountain?

It takes about 2 hours of visit to cover the 800m long path, time to make many breaks to observe the monkeys which are very fun to watch! Count on more time if you are with your family and your children want to take advantage of the playground that you will find on site, but also of the fun course for families “In the skin of a monkey”, where they can move like monkeys!

See monkeys in the wild

To see monkeys in the wild, visit the Monkey Mountain in Alsace! The great thing about Monkey Mountain is that the animals are free to roam in a 24-hectare parkThe park’s most famous feature is its “path of discovery”, in which visitors follow a path that occupies only a tiny area of the park. Nothing to do with a zoo, there is no cage here! The monkeys are free in the forest and can either approach visitors or be quiet, they have real space and are not forced to “suffer” from visitors coming to see them. Some of them come to watch the tourists passing by while others play, take a nap or take a shower further away.

To visit the Monkey Mountain is to immerse yourself in their fascinating world. It’s great fun to spend time observing the monkeys, photographing them and reading the signs describing their lifestyle, conservation, eating habits and social behavior. The macaques are great fun to watch. We discover the lives of males, females and their young. The place itself is also very pleasant, with its path winding through the middle of the forest and offering pleasant shade in hot weather.

A place for the conservation of Barbary macaques

Certainly a tourist site in Alsace,the Monkey Mountain is also an important place of storage and a dedicated reserve, where the macaques can evolve in an environment close to their wild life, since the Barbary macaque species (also known as magots) was classified as endangered on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) red list in 2008. The park intends to make the public aware of all the problems of safeguarding the species and work for its conversation.

Guides are present throughout the park and available to answer questions. It is interesting to have their insight on the specific behaviors of the magots we observe! The guides also provide monkey feeding sessions at regular intervals during the day (every 45 minutes or so), which is always fun to see!

Magic, emotions, encounters, awareness and peaceful walk are waiting for you at the Monkey Mountain in Alsace! Personally, I love this place and I think it will be an unforgettable experience for your kids 🙂

Also nearby

The Monkey Mountain is located right next to another famous animal park in Alsace, the Volerie des Aigles, as well as the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle, a must-see in Alsace. I advise you to take the opportunity to visit all three, they are all worth it!

  • To be able to observe the monkeys closely in their daily activities
  • Get explanations from on-site guides
  • Walk at my own pace in the park
  • Partner of the Pass Alsace
  • Nothing!