Visit the Volerie des Aigles – A must-see wildlife park

Updated on 2024-05-06

The Volerie des Aigles d'Alsace is, along with the Montagne des Singes, one of Alsace's must-see wildlife parks for children. I had been there myself when I was a child, when I was visiting Alsace with my parents. I didn't remember much about it, so it was a pleasure to go back and visit it again, even as an adult!

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Where is the Volerie des Aigles?

The Volerie des Aigles is located in Kintzheim on the Alsace Wine Route, near SĂ©lestat in the Bas-Rhin. Be careful not to confuse with Kientzheim which is in the Haut-Rhin. It is located in an unusual place: the castle of Kintzheim, an impressive medieval castle in ruins dating from the 13th century, perched on the heights of the village.

Duration of the visit: how long does it take to visit the Volerie des Aigles?

Count on about 1h30 for the visit of the Volerie des Aigles (including 40 minutes of show).

Visit to the Volerie des Aigles in Kintzheim

The Volerie des Aigles in Alsace is the first aviary in France, created in 1968, with a vocation to restore the image of these birds to the public, to reproduce them, but also to support actions of conservation of the species and to sensitize to the importance of the biodiversity. It presents some endangered raptors. The aviary has its own breeding center (the first breeding center in France, created in 1979) and hopes one day to reintroduce into the wild species that have disappeared from our regions.

The Volerie des Aigles presents a large number of birds and species (more than 70 species), with for example:

  • Among diurnal raptors, the Steller’s Eagle, which is the largest and most powerful eagle (with a wingspan of 2.5m) and the White-tailed Eagle;
  • among the nocturnal raptors the Great Gray Owl, which is one of the largest owls, the Great Horned Owl, the Barn Owl (heroine in Harry Potter! Yes!) or the Spectacled Owl

The birds of prey are housed in the castle. It is therefore possible to admire the birds of prey and to learn more about them thanks to the explanatory cards proposed, while enjoying the visit of the castle. Don’t forget the beautiful view of the village, the Alsace plain and the German Black Forest in the background.

Shows of the Volerie des Aigles d’Alsace

It is not conceivable to visit the Volerie des Aigles d’Alsace without attending one of the shows during which the birds are presented in free flight. The show, which lasts about 40 minutes, is breathtaking and allows you to admire different species of birds of prey such as falcons, eagles, buzzards, vultures, owls and Andean condors, among the most beautiful and largest raptors in the world. It is very impressive to see them flying in the sky, especially when they shave the heads of the spectators! Strong sensations guaranteed!

Adults and children can also participate in the flight presentation by landing a raptor on their arm with a trainer, just like a real falconer. A unique opportunity rich in emotions! The air show is also very interesting from a theoretical point of view: you learn a lot about the way of life and habits of these birds. I was particularly impressed by the dexterity of the eagles and the ingenuity of the Egyptian vulture, which uses rocks to break up ostrich eggs and feed. Ingenious, right?

Nearby attractions

The Volerie des Aigles is located right next to another famous animal park in Alsace, the Montagne des Singes, as well as the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle, a must-see in Alsace. I advise you to take the opportunity to visit all three, they are all worth it!

  • Observe raptors up close
  • See raptors fly and learn more about their lifestyle
  • The place itself
  • Partner of the Pass Alsace
  • The raptors are attached. I heard that these are birds that hardly move in their natural environment once they have fed (they only move to hunt) but it felt strange.