The Woodness Spa – Small, private and intimate spa


We are lucky in Alsace, we have many spas of very good quality. With The Woodness Spa, I tested a spa quite different from others: it is not attached to a hotel, is much smaller, but is private. We reserve it for a half-day or an evening with friends or lovers, and we have the spa only for us! The spa is designed to accommodate 6 people maximum, but it will be more comfortable if you are 4 in my opinion.

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An intimate spa

The Woodness Spa is located in Littenheim, a small village between Strasbourg and Saverne. It was built in the cellar of an Alsatian farm. When you say it like that, it sounds weird, but it’s actually really charming!

The cellar has of course been completely renovated to make it a welcoming place, but some elements have been preserved such as the very nice brick ceiling or the beautiful stone walls. The owner of the place did it all himself: a really impressive job!

You can see that attention has been paid to detail and the spa is very nice, making it a very pleasant setting to relax in an intimate atmosphere.

Jacuzzi, sauna and deckchairs

The Woodness Spa features a Jacuzzi, sauna and relaxation area with wooden loungers. A small table completes the set, which allows you to drink a tea (provided), a cold drink (you help yourself and pay for what you have consumed) or even to taste a small dish that you have brought. It is allowed in this space, there is even a fridge to keep the food cool.

I really liked the jacuzzi, which offers the possibility to choose different kinds of water jets: jets to provide massages or simply bubbles (or both!). You can even connect your phone in bluetooth to listen to music in the jacuzzi. The sauna, located in a small wooden hut, is also very pleasant.

Of course, the spa also has a shower and a changing room. Wifi is also available. Just remember to bring your own towels, which are not provided.

4 hours to relax

The Woodness Spa can be booked for 4 hours only: in the morning (from 9am to 1pm), in the afternoon (from 2pm to 6pm) or in the evening (from 7pm to 11pm). The space is completely cleaned and disinfected between each slot. The rate varies according to the time slot and the week/weekend. It’s nice to have so much time on your hands, it’s a good amount of time.

  • Very nice and comfortable spa
  • Private: nice to enjoy alone!
  • Possibility to bring a snack
  • Nothing!