Yonaguni Spa – Review of the spa at the Hotel du Parc in Obernai


Do you know the Yonaguni spa in Obernai? It is the spa of the beautiful Hôtel du Parc (which I think is one of the best hotels in Obernai) but, good news, it is accessible to non-residents via its Day Spa formula.

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One of the best spas in the world!

The Yonaguni Spa at the Parc Hotel in Obernai has already won several awards at the World Luxury Spa Awards: Best Unique Experience Spa, Best Luxury Country Spa, Best Day Spa… This gives you an idea of the level of what to expect 😉

I’ve been there several times and it’s one of my favorite spas in Alsace! It joins my favorites La Cheneaudière and La Source des Sens.

The mysterious world of Yonaguni Spa

To dive into the universe of Yonaguni Spa, we can already look at the origin of this name which does not sound very Alsatian… And for good reason, it is the name of an underwater island in Japan, which is quite mysterious and could be the remains of a disappeared city. That’s what makes you want to escape, don’t you think?

The spa invites you to enter a mysterious universe, offering you the possibility to live a moment out of time and exceptional the time of a Day Spa!

The spa has several areas: the aquatic world, saunas (panoramic, black and banya), steam rooms and relaxation areas. The Yonaguni Spa is really huge: it covers 2,500m2!

Different areas of the spa

Losing the notion of time in the aquatic universe

All the spaces are both aesthetically pleasing and very pleasant, but what stood out for me the most was the water world, which covers 330m2. It looks like a kind of labyrinth: corridors lead to a dozen different rooms with multiple atmospheres, with various water jets, and you lose track of time when you walk through! The materials used are raw while being very contemporary, the mixture is really successful!

A large swimming pool with huge windows also completes the set, with different water jets to test.

Various waterfalls, saunas and steam rooms

On the second floor of the spa you will find various types of showers and waterfalls as well as saunas and steam rooms. Plan to spend some time testing everything!

Relaxation in the relaxation areas

The relaxation areas are also incredible. I won’t tell you everything so that you can keep some surprises, but I have a particularly good memory of the waterbeds of the salt cave, for example…where I fell asleep with a wonderful sleep!

Lunch from the Day Spa package

Lunch is included in the Day Spa package. It is served at the Yuzu bar, which is only reserved for the spa’s customers (bathrobe atmosphere, it’s nice!). A buffet is served there from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and we enjoy ourselves. A wide choice of raw vegetables, various dishes and desserts await you, and everything is of high quality.

Additional services: massages and treatments

If you wish, you can of course book additional treatments or massages.

Stay at the Hotel du Parc

If you wish to prolong the pleasure, you can of course book a stay at the Hotel du Parc in Obernai. The rooms are all charming and comfortable. You will have access to the Asiane Spa included in the room rate, and special rates to spend half a day or a day at the Yonaguni Spa.

  • Huge space with many things to try
  • Labyrinth of the aquatic universe
  • General aesthetics of the place
  • Quality of the lunch
  • Nothing!