From Strasbourg to Colmar by bike on the Rhine Bike Route (Eurovélo 15)

Updated on 2024-05-09

The bicycle path that connects Strasbourg to Colmar via the Eurovelo 15 is an easy and rather pleasant route for cyclists who want to connect the two cities quickly, since it runs mainly along the Rhone-Rhine Canal. Let me tell you more...

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How to get from Strasbourg to Colmar by bike?

There are two main cycling routes to get from Strasbourg to Colmar:

  • Pass through the Alsace Wine Route by taking the VĂ©loroute du Vignoble d’Alsace (EurovĂ©lo 5) – This is the prettiest, the most hilly and the longest route.
  • Pass on the plain side by taking the Rhone-Rhine Canal bicycle route (EurovĂ©lo 15) – This is the most direct and quickest route, but it is less interesting for tourists.

We have two different routes and two different atmospheres! While the Wine Route is very winding, passes through many villages, has a small gradient and often shares the road with other vehicles, the Rhine Bicycle Route is straight, flat and has a cycle track all along.

Some would also say that it is boring. I didn’t find it, I liked to walk along the canal, it’s a peaceful atmosphere that I appreciate a lot, but I have to admit that this long straight line could quickly be a bit boring if it lasted too long…!

But, where it took me 3 days to go from Strasbourg to Colmar through the vineyards (with a stop to visit too, eh!), it only took me one day (with a picnic break) to do it along the Rhone to Rhine Canal. It all depends on the time you have, your desires and your level! Personally, I borrow both and enjoy both depending on the situation.

From Strasbourg to Colmar through the plain and the canals

Canal du Rhône au Rhin (Eurovélo 15)

This route has two parts: the Canal du RhĂ´ne au Rhin between Strasbourg and Artzenheim (EurovĂ©lo 15) and the Canal de Colmar between Artzenheim and Colmar. From the center of Strasbourg, go to the Jean-Pierre Mayno quay, which you will follow in a western and southern direction: this is where the junction between the Ill and the Rhone-Rhine canal is made. Then it’s very easy, it’s straight ahead!

Junction with the Colmar Canal

Reaching Colmar is also easy: just leave the Rhone-Rhine Canal and take the Colmar Canal, which leads directly to the city. There are signs, it’s well done. I already talked about this portion in my article on the local loop “From Bartholdi to Vauban” because it also passes by the Canal de Colmar.

Another idea for a bike ride from Strasbourg

Another idea if you want to cycle along another canal from Strasbourg, the VĂ©loroute du Canal de la Bruche: shorter and with more varied landscapes (it remains a canal but it is much less straight!).

  • Nice bike path
  • Easy because it’s flat
  • Allows you to quickly connect Strasbourg to Colmar by bike
  • Less varied landscapes than on the vineyard cycle route