Our 7 favorite designer and local craft stores in Strasbourg

By Léa
Updated on 2024-05-09

Bringing back souvenirs from Alsace or finding a gift: a real hassle for some, a pleasure for others... Personally, I prefer to buy things that are handmade and/or artisanal and local. Fortunately, Strasbourg has many art and craft stores that are completely compatible with small budgets! Here are my favorite addresses for designer stores and local crafts in Strasbourg.

As a journalist in real life, and a blogger for pleasure, Léa has always enjoyed tracking down little-known gourmet addresses, unusual activities, off-the-beaten-track hikes and places with history and soul... And Alsace is full of them!

Map of our good addresses

1. Les Herbes Folles

I like everything about this store of local designers and creators ! Their superb interior and exterior decoration, the variety of items offered (jewelry, postcards, accessories, clothing, ceramics, decorations, cosmetics, bags, culinary preparations …), prices for all types of budgets … It is a real Ali Baba’s cave to find handmade and local gifts.

Even the location is ideal: the rue du Jeu des Enfants has been redeveloped by the inhabitants, associations and shopkeepers of the neighborhood. It is really worth the detour to stroll with your nose in the air, in search of street-art and other original works.

  • Some really lovely creations
  • All the gift and souvenir ideas to find
  • Nothing!

2. The Generator

This association gathers about fifteen local creators. I particularly appreciate their ceramics and illustrations, which represent Strasbourg as well as fantastic universes, in the form of postcards, paintings, posters… You will also find bags, jewelry, embroidery, accessories, notebooks, engraved stamps and even vinyl.

Here too, it is possible to find very nice things at affordable prices. Another good reason to go there: the store is located in the heart of the very pretty Sainte-Madeleine alley, a stone’s throw from the city center and the quays of the Ill. The opportunity for a nice walk.

  • To be able to discuss with the designer present
  • A variety of items for all budgets
  • Nothing!

3. Hanssen and Gretel’s House

Another atmosphere in this store with the colors of traditional Alsace! Hanssen (yes, that’s the real name) and Isabelle (not Gretel), the managers, proudly claim 70 to 80% of products made in the region. The gingerbread comes from Gertwiller, the pottery from Soufflenheim and most of the household linen is made by Isabelle, in her workshop located above the store.

The other products are ofFrench or European origin, such as the kelsch (traditional fabric) which comes from Franche Comté, the German “emporte pièces” or the Belgian aprons. Hanssen himself designed the motifs for the modern, colorful pottery made in Soufflenheim. Don’t hesitate to stop by at Christmas time, Hanssen and Gretel’s store is decorated with beautiful decorations and transformed into a real Santa’s workshop.

  • The kindness of Hanssen and Isabelle
  • The pottery, made in an artisanal way but with modern and colorful patterns
  • Nothing!

4. L’Atelier du Bain aux Plantes

Watercolors, oil paintings, colored pencil drawings or collages, printed or engraved objects, comics… This artists’ den will delight people who love illustration or want to discover this universe. The illustrators take turns to run the place and will be happy to discuss their work! A thematic exhibition-sale is proposed every two months. But beware: the workshop is only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

  • The diversity of creations
  • The principle of ephemeral exhibition and sale
  • The restricted opening days and hours (even if I understand the artists’ constraints!)

5. Little Nuage

A room in the basement, a Scandinavian inspired decoration, various objects in the shape of a cloud… Little nuage is an adorable little cocoon where Céline proposes her necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. She also welcomes in her store other creators of jewelry, stamps, embroidery, illustrations, ceramics and accessories.

Every week, workshops are organized (embroidery, decoration, engraving…) and an ephemeral thematic exhibition allows to discover regularly other craftsmen. Everything is of course local and artisanal. In the heart of Petite France, and right next to an excellent coffee shop called the Bretelles café, it would be a shame to miss this store.

  • The atmosphere of the store
  • Céline’s welcome
  • Nothing!

6. Le Terrier

This store mixes art gallery and cabinet of curiosities. Between the butterflies displayed in frames or bells, the ceramics representing fantastic animals or the hand-knitted sculptures and jewelry, you will find some truly amazing creations. All come from a dozen craftsmen and artists located in France. Ceramics, paper sculptures and textile creations are also on display. We are talking about arts and crafts here, so the budget is not the same as the other stores mentioned. Count from twenty to several hundred euros depending on the pieces.

  • The originality of the creations
  • The exhibition of works in the manner of a gallery
  • Not in my budget, alas!

7. Alsatrucs

Alsatrucs are objects created and produced by a collective of some twentyAlsatian craftsmen. The idea is to have handcrafted creations inspired by Alsatian culture and traditions, revisiting them with a touch of modernity. I discovered them a long time ago at Christmas markets, but Alsatrucs now also has a store right next to Strasbourg Cathedral, as well as an online store. A great place to make beautiful gifts!

  • 100% Alsatian objects
  • Original creations
  • Possibility of customizing certain items
  • Nothing!