Visit of the Cristal Lehrer crystal factory


Cristal Lehrer is a family-owned crystal factory that produces and sells crystal and glass objects. It is located at the foot of the Saint-Louis Arzviller inclined plane, just next to Phalsbourg in Moselle (close to the border with Alsace). It is possible to visit the crystal factory, to buy objects of course but also to admire the glassmakers at work. This is a great activity for young and old, which you can easily combine with a visit to the inclined plane and a ride on the summer toboggan next door, for example!

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Watching glassmakers at work

Glass blowers

The Lehrer crystal factory offers visitors the opportunity towatch the glassblowers at work in a large 200m2 amphitheater open to the workshop, 7 days a week.

So you can really sit back and enjoy the show for a long time, to understand the making of different objects from the beginning to the end, from the moment the molten glass is taken out of the kiln (the picking) to the moment the shaped object is put into an annealing arch, where it will cool slowly so as not to break, until it reaches the room temperature. The glassblowers string together different objects, and you can see the creation of large pieces as well as smaller ones.

I’ve been to Lehrer Crystal several times before and loved it every time. In general, I love to see craftsmen working. I am always amazed by the precision of their work and the know-how that it took years to master all the technical gestures necessary to create a beautiful object. This is especially true for the work of glassmakers, which requires a patience and a number of steps that seems to me each time extraordinary! I have seen many glassmakers at work, I never tire of observing their gestures, it is really captivating.

The glass itself is also fascinating: this material, both fragile and solid, which can go through very different states depending on its temperature, is really beautiful to observe.

Glass cutters

In addition to the glass blowers, it is possible to observe the cutting and engraving workshop of Cristal Lehrer. Again, a very impressive work: everything is done freehand! I can’t even imagine the number of hours it takes to achieve such mastery… Each engraver has his or her own style and each object created is truly unique, a superb work of craftsmanship. You can also ask for a personalized engraving on the objects you buy, these will be directly realized in this workshop.

Cristal Lehrer Shop

After observing the work of the glassmakers, it is of course possible to browse through the Lehrer crystal store for some shopping. The store is huge (700m2) and the objects offered are very varied: jewelry, lamps, dishes, tableware, photo frames, sculptures, Christmas ornaments and decorations… You will be spoiled for choice to bring back a beautiful handcrafted object as a souvenir or to make a gift to one of your loved ones.

In the middle of the store there are also a few tables forming a coffee area where it is possible to sit down for a short break.

  • Watching glassmakers at work
  • Comfortable amphitheater: you can stay a long time!
  • Large store with a nice choice of objects
  • Nothing!

My photos from the visit of Cristal Lehrer