Day Spa Chez Julien

The Spa Chez Julien is one of the most well-known spas in Alsace. If you ask someone what is the best spa in Alsace, they will generally answer Chez Julien or La Cheneaudière. I have tested both of them and I must say that I do prefer La Cheneaudière, even though I really liked Chez Julien as well. Chez Julien is a three-star hotel-restaurant located in the Alsatian side of the Vosges, not far from the ski resort Champ du Feu. Chez Julien offers a Day Spa package for those not staying at the hotel, so you can have an access to...

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Swimming spots near Strasbourg

Summer in Alsace generally means heat waves… And as there is no sea or ocean (it’s probably the only flaw of the area… What do you mean I’m not objective? 😉 ), we need to find another way to cool down. Of course, there are swimming pools, but it’s not the same pleasure as swimming in a natural setting. Thankfully, in Alsace we have lakes and gravel pits! Here are the swimming spots near Strasbourg. Yes I know, you won’t be alone on a beautiful day (these places are usually overrun by locals), but it’s still very pleasant to swim there....

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5 must-dos in Alsace for wine lovers

For this article, I will let my friend Jessica Ouellet take over. She usually writes on the blog Le Cellier de Jess. Sommelier by trade and originally from Québec, Jessica arrived in Alsace after falling in love with a wine-grower… and she quickly fell in love with the region as well! Who better than her could share her favourite wine activities in Alsace?  The vineyard of Alsace is like a “garden of expressions” for wine lovers. With 51 Grands Crus and with 7 official grape varieties, this small French wine-growing region holds many liquid treasures. Are you looking for...

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Hôtel Bio & Spa La Clairière in La Petite Pierre

For my birthday, my husband offered me one night and one day at the hotel La Clairière in La Petite Pierre, where I’ve been wanting to go for a long time. I’ve already told you about La Petite Pierre, this small village located in the Northern Vosges regional nature park. It’s a magnificent and relaxing natural setting, perfect for a romantic break. But what is a hotel bio, what does it exactly mean? I must admit that I was quite intrigued by the name of “Bio hotel”, wondering what was behind this name and if it was just a marketing stunt....

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L’échappée bière, a treasure hunt in Strasbourg

Are you playful? Do you like beer? Yes?! Then, I have the perfect activity for you: L’Echappée Bière is a treasure hunt in Strasbourg on the theme… of beer! Yep! L’échappée bière is a cool and original treasure hunt allowing for a lot of fun, for the discovery of Strasbourg, but also of the world of beer, for learning about beer tasting… and finally beer tastings of course! Not bad, uh?! I tried the paper chase L’échappée bière with friends during a beautiful autumn afternoon. The treasure hunt is held in the city centre of Strasbourg and lasts about 3h or 3h30. It...

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