Ribeauvillé, a village on the Alsace Wine Route

With Eguisheim, Kaysersberg and Riquewihr, Ribeauvillé is probably one of the most famous villages on the Alsace Wine Route. And it’s easy to understand why, once you get there: it’s a beautiful place! I have already talked a little bit about this village, in an article about the medieval Christmas market held every year in Ribeauvillé, but it is also definitely worth a visit during spring or summer. A short history of Ribeauvillé The origins of Ribeauvillé are unknown, but the village belonged to German Emperors around the 11th century, after having been conceded by Henri IV to the Bishop of Basel in 1084. The...

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A visit to Obernai, a town on the Alsace Wine Route

Obernai is a small town located on the Alsace Wine Route, between Colmar and Strasbourg. It is one of the unmissable stops when visiting Alsace, and for good reasons: Obernai is full of charm ! A brief history of the town of Obernai Obernai is the native town of Saint Odile (Alsace patroness) in the 7th century. Mentioned for the first time in texts dating back from 778, the land depended then upon two abbeys and already had a vineyard. The 11th century saw the construction of a castle in the town and the 12th century was the first period of prosperity, with the construction of...

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Homestay – Les Volets Bleus

What if you would come and stay at home? I am renting two rooms for rent at home, in Quatzenheim (small traditional Alsatian village located 15 minutes away from Strasbourg). The House Les Volets Bleus Our house dates back from 1800. This a traditional half-timbered Alsatian house, with the distinctive feature of having… blue shutters. It’s actually not very common in Alsace! The name was then quickly chosen. It is located in the heart of the village of Quatzenheim. Rooms for rent We can host between 1 to 4 persons in our house. We rent the whole 2nd floor, located in a...

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Which vineyards and wineries should you visit in Alsace? – My recommandations

Which wineries and vineyards should you visit in Alsace? This is one of the questions I get asked all the time by you, my dear readers… It took me a while to answer, simply because I don’t know much about wine. Of course, I drink wine and I enjoy it (well only white wine actually, so I’m in the perfect place in Alsace), but I’m no connoisseur.  However, over time, various encounters have allowed me to get to know a few wineries in Alsace. This is why I have decided to share with you these addresses, and to complete the...

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My favourite restaurants in Strasbourg

Are you looking for a good restaurant in Strasbourg? When I have friends coming over in Strasbourg, they often ask me for tips for good restaurants where to eat Alsatian and French food. Because we are among friends here, I have decided to write in this article, my selection of good adresses in Strasbourg, as I already did with my favourite restaurants in Colmar.  Let me clarify straight away that I’m not claiming to list here the best restaurants in Strasbourg. This list is totally subjective and is by no means exhaustive. I haven’t tested all the restaurants in Strasbourg and I’m...

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